Games Inbox: The best PS Plus game of 2017, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker 2, and The Last Jedi verdict

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Games Inbox: What’s been the best PS Plus game of 2017?
Metal Gear Solid V – did you play it for free?

The morning Inbox approves of Bridge Constructor Portal’s low price, as one reader recommends the horror icons of Dead By Daylight.

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Free trial

One of the joys of PS Plus is getting to play games you might not otherwise consider, and given their ‘free’ status you can be more generous towards them. Here’s a few I tried recently.

Until Dawn – an interactive slasher movie, sounds great. I really enjoyed this, although I thought its turn towards the supernatural towards the end was a let-down, But overall great fun, an interactive
movie that didn’t outlive it’s welcome.

Just Cause 3 – really loved the engine and the mechanics, endless fun causing items to implode with your grappling hook, but the missions themselves were a bit disappointing.

Metal Gear Solid V – I’ve never played an entry in this series before, so when this one turned up I had to play and… erm…

The seemingly endless opening section where you must crawl around a hospital in slow motion was a real turn off. Once the game proper started it just didn’t grab me and I normally love open world adventures. I’ll give it another try over Christmas but right now I’m just not getting it.

Christmas horror story

Regarding Sebastian_McClown and similar games to Friday the 13th. Dead By Daylight has a similar concept, and is a multiplayer game that has DLC chapters that include Nightmare on Elm Street, Leatherface, and Halloween levels – and characters including the iconic killers of each franchise.

Also, the predator has been added to a special mode in Ghost Recon: Wildlands, which looks quite cool.
Cubes (PSN ID)/Cubes73 (NN ID)/Kevin M

A rum idea

Regarding Andrew J’s desire for another Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. Andrew have you played Super Mario Odyssey yet?

One of the conversations you have with the captain makes it very obvious that he’s going to get another game. Presumably that’s why GC gave your letter that particular heading.

On a related note, I know this would never happen for obvious reasons, but wouldn’t it be great if one of the captains in the Captain Morgan advert was our friend Toad? Can you imagine?

Merry Christmas everyone.

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Elementary entertainment

Reading Oni-Samurai’s praise of the Sherlock Holmes: Crime And Punishment game reminded me that I was going to similarly recommend the newest Frogwares Sherlock game, The Devil’s Daughter. I took advantage of a deal to pay £1 for a month for Microsoft’s Game Pass on the Xbox One (think Netflix but for games) just to play this game. Although not as good as Crime And Punishment (mainly because it tries to update Sherlock’s character in such a way that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle would at the very least twitch uncomfortably in his grave) but it still has the same investigation mechanics and an enjoyable story.

I find almost any game which sidesteps the current gaming tropes of open world collectathons and shooterfests a breath of fresh air, even if these Sherlock games are so similar to the ten a penny point and click adventures of the ‘80s and ‘90s. I guess familiarity breeds contempt!

Also, as an ancient Roman history obsessive, the fact you can explore a temple of Mithras in Crimes And Punishment would mean that as a reviewer I would give it an added point out of 10 for that alone! Merry Xmas all.
Lord Leaping Lynx

The price is right

When you ran the initial story earlier in December I wasn’t familiar with Bridge Constructor (GC is mostly all I read so chances are if you haven’t reviewed it, I haven’t heard of it) but I thought it looked like World Of Goo, which is one of my favourite games.

Started to read your review and was formulating a letter to you to ask, so is it like World of Goo then? And then you confirmed this in the very next sentence. Mix in Portal and this is something I definitely want to play.

I know some GC readers play ‘guess the score’ based on the tone of your review. I do a similar thing whenever you review downloadable games and my heart often sinks when I read you review, become interested, and then find out it costs £15.99. It then goes on the ‘pick up when on offer’ list. This however, looks like a no brainier at £6.99 and I look forward to giving it a go.
Matt A

Dad Jokes: Video Game Edition

I know you can’t get enough of my bad Christmas jokes so here’s some more:

Q: What did Kazuma Kiryu do when he went speed dating?
A: He pulled a cracker.

Q: What did Princess Zelda say when her photos didn’t turn up on time?
A: One day my prints will come.

Q: What’s Epona’s favourite TV show?
A: Neighbours.

Q: Why does Sam Fisher hide in a bakery at Christmas?
A: Because he likes a mince spy.

Q: Why is Donkey Konga with broken bongos the best Christmas present?
A: You can’t beat it.

Boom, Boom!

Also, here’s a one month Xbox Game Pass code to give out to whoever wants it.

GC: That at least is very good of you, the terrible jokes not so much.

To the future

Just a message to say to you guys to have an awesome Christmas and a happy new year to the viewers and GC. It’s been another incredible year in games alone, and a lot of good vibes for the next year. I’ll be playing some indie games mostly over Christmas, like Thimbleweed Park and Life Is Strange. I am just in the mood to chill out to these games without having to kill or do too much exploring and losing a lot of real time in epic adventures.

These are where the story does the talking and the puzzles involved will be a different pace to the usual type of games I play. So all in all, I think it will be a thoughtful time of year and already looking forward to listening to music and watching Christmas TV, plus the odd read if I can.

I thoroughly enjoyed The Last Jedi at the IMAX in 3D and I did not really have a problem with it, and any conflictions I had regarding certain scenes which were a surprise to me! Then I settled them with an in-depth debate in my mind and all is then good. The final film is being set up as an epic but I can’t for the life of me predict what the heck is going to happen!

See you all in the new year and here’s to great games in general.

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Better than Attack of the Clones

So has GC come to a decision on The Last Jedi? I know you were conflicted the first time you saw it, which I totally understand, as I think a lot of people were. I’ve seen it a second time myself now, and I think I enjoyed it a bit more. There’s still a lot of bad stuff in there though, that I don’t understand how it didn’t get fixed long before it got to film – the terrible jokes and the basic premise of the chase in particular.

Whatever you think of the film I don’t think anyone could deny it has a lot of rough edges, and I wonder if that’s a sign of how much these are being rushed out the door by Disney. Another couple of drafts of the script and tighter editing could’ve made it a much better film. The same is true of Rogue One, which just needed a few tweaks to turn it from fun fan service to a top quality movie. Oh well, it’s as if any of them are prequel quality…

GC: We’re sad to say we don’t like it. We’ve seen it again since and we just can’t get over the plot holes, contrivances, mostly awful humour, poor-pacing, and unnecessary length. We also don’t like the way Luke Skywalker is portrayed and cannot reconcile his attitude with how the character was presented in the original trilogy. We aren’t keen on Princess Leia’s role either, and are beginning to think the new films should’ve pushed the old characters into much more of a background role, and focused more on Rey and Kylo Ren – who are by far the most interesting part of The Last Jedi.

Inbox also-rans

In answer to the reader I certainly look forward to Christmas as a perfect time to play games. I intend to 100% Super Mario Odyssey this year. I’ve no idea if that’s possible in the time, but I have a feeling it’s going to be fun finding out.

I hope we learn something about Resident Evil 2 remake as soon as possible this year. Constantly worrying it’s been cancelled has been one of my main complaints with 2017.

This week’s Hot Topic

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Your pick doesn’t have to be a complete disaster but what game were you at least disappointed with? Or perhaps there was some other news story, trend, or hardware release that you considered to be the low point of 2017 for games?

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