Games Inbox: Sea Of Thieves, Christmas games and Nintendo in 2018

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Games Inbox: Sea Of Thieves, Christmas games and Nintendo in 2018
Sea Of Thieves dropped some new details yesterday (Picture: Microsoft/Rare)

This morning inbox dives into Sea Of Thieves while also pondering what games have wasted our time this year.

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Festive nostalgia

As the season to be jolly comes around for another year, I find myself going back to those old games for a bit of early comfort food before I stuff myself on actual food.

Zelda: A Link To The Past for some reason gives me a Christmas feeling, along with Mario Kart and, weirdly, Gears Of War having played it relentlessly when I got my first original Xbox for Christmas way back when. This year is looking like Overwatch though, it having been my binge treat every moment I grab some downtime away from big releases.

So what, if any, games do you turn back to at Christmas? Or is everyone too busy hitting the backlog to tackle some old favourites.


SC: We’ll be busy taking part in a game called ‘Family Dinner’, where we enjoy delicious food while tolerating the presence of our bloodline.

We might dip into Overcooked beforehand though, to really increase the tension in the kitchen.

Peak Nintendo?

Considering Nintendo’s slate for 2018 is looking pretty baron at the moment (Metroid Prime 4 release date please), what do you reckon the surprise announcements will be?

Some kind of Smash Bros Deluxe feels imminent and we’ll no doubt see more third party support in line with Doom and Wolfenstein, but could Pokemon be launched next year? Mario Odyssey DLC in between?

Personally I’m forever hoping for a new F-Zero which might not ever happen, but it certainly feels like Nintendo is holding something back (unless it has nothing? gulp).

Has Nintendo simply dropped all its big-hitters too early? At the moment, their incredible turnaround this year could slump the other way looking at the empty near line-up ahead.


SC: Smash Bros in some form feels locked in at this point, but if this year has taught us anything, never underestimate Nintendo.

Retrospective glory

VVLTRFTW (Early teletext days)

PSVR owner here of 6 months and due to some time off work I am playing through some of the early releases a bit more extensively.

Just spent several hours playing Rez and have to say this is right up there with any gaming experience I have ever had, with the obvious highlights being the running man boss and Area X, and I’ve been gaming since the BBC Micro days.

I revisited your review and see you have made a glaring mistake, you didn’t award it a 10/10. Playing this in VR is a cast iron 10/10, surely for you it must have been close? I feel like you should conduct an Edge inspired retrospective 10/10 list and this should be the first game on the team sheet.

For me it is so good that I am seriously considering buying another 3 DS4 controllers and strapping them to my body.


SC:Did GC purposefully jump ship today knowing this request was coming? He has senses beyond this world.

We’ll wear a ‘REZ 10/10’ shirt for when he next opens the skeleton basement. And a hockey mask for when he shuts it in our face.

Sea of.. Chickens?

I’ve been a bit lukewarm on Sea Of Thieves in the past but I’m now sold having seen the new progression system. It looks really fun, and looks like it’ll make a change from having ‘always connected’ online worlds just being players plastered with numbers.

I’m unsure whether the quests will keep my attention, or if it’ll be a game much better suited to groups of friends rather than strangers online, but it looks like it could be a real comeback for Rare whose output has generally been questionable since their move to Microsoft.

The idea of running about protecting chickens as a pirate also sounds like gold, so I’m basically here for the chickens. Pirates and chickens. What’s not to love?


SC:It does look promising. Even though we do question if allowing for a relatively rules-free game will cause crazy chaos online in a bad way.

Or is the pirates life simply not for us? Our bones aren’t cut out for those winds.

Wallet power

RE:Klone. Thanks for the heads up. I was aware of the bad blood between Zenimax and Facebook and it was down to Steam that Fallout 4 VR worked on Oculus Rift and it would be up to modders to provide proper Touch controller support.I had intended to wait for that support but last night requested a refund with the reason being no Touch support. It might be denied as Fallout 4 VR was never announced for Rift and it was my own for fault purchasing a product not announced for my headset and I’ll be fine with that reasoning. But I just had a a disgruntled moment where I wanted it noted that a sale had been lost due to the decision by Bethesda to ignore Oculus Rift. It’s probably not worth the small protest but as the Battlefront II debacle has shown, and the Xbox One before that, if enough people object and vote with their wallets then change can happen. I’m not on either side in the dispute as Facebook are no better and not really against exclusives but felt it was important to me to have my say through a refund request. Simundo Jones

2017 regrets

As the Game Of The Year awards come rolling around, I’ve started going the other way thinking about all the games I regret spending so much time with over this past year.

Mass Effect: Andromeda I probably shouldn’t have invested so much time into, and I also didn’t quite find the spark with Nier: Automata – even though I’m willing to give it another chance.

So what games are you annoyed to have tucked into so I know what to avoid too?


SC:We’re annoyed we spent so much time playing ‘Family Dinner’ – a game which.. er, oh sorry.

We’d have to call out Mass Effect too unfortunately, even though it feels like kicking a beaten pup at this point.


We might as well break the tension. Thoughts on the new Star Wars? (No spoilers obviously) And do we hope it might inspire any other video games aside from Battlefront?

Some people might hate them. But I’m definitely flying the flag for a mobile game based around the Porgs. Just so I can stare at their adorable faces on my daily commute in an acceptable fashion.


SC:Society won’t judge you for looking at Porgs. You’re in a safe space here. Sit in the corner, there.

*Calls GC security*

Inbox also-rans

Company of Heroes 2 is free on Humble Bundle on PC for 48 hours from
Thursday 14th December.

Andrew J

SC: Catch the freebie! Catch the freebie!

Is Yooka-Laylee actually worth it on Switch or is it a like turning back to the stone age after Mario Odyssey?


SC:Probably both. You might as well check out our gatekeeper’s thoughts on the matter, though.

This week's Hot Topic

With the final preview event of 2017 now over this weekend’s Inbox asks what was your favourite new video game reveal of the year?

Taking into account showings at E3, Gamescom, Paris Games Week, The Game Awards, Nintendo Directs, and all the others, which new announcement did you think was handled the best – regardless of whether you were interested in the game itself? Which did you find the most surprising and which new game are you personally most excited about?

Were there any major announcements you were expecting to see but didn’t, and where there any reveals that you thought dropped the ball in terms of what or how much they revealed?

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