Games Inbox: Ready Player One video game movie, Fallout 4 VR impressions, and Bad Company 3 hopes

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Games Inbox: Will Ready Player One be the first good video game movie?
Read Player One – yes, that’s Tracer and Chun-Li

The evening Inbox has some tips for pre-ordering the Bayonetta 2 special edition, as one reader advises Nintendo on the Switch 2.

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Ready for Spielbergo

Has everyone seen the Read Player One trailer with Chun-Li and Tracer out of Overwatch in it? I didn’t spot all the cameos at once but there’s also the Battletoads and I’m willing to bet a lot more. Gundam at least, which is sort of video game related. And of course the whole premise is very video game-y, with the quest to find an Easter egg by playing VR games.

The original book is terrible really, and yet if you get all the 80s references it offers up some of the tastiest ‘member berries you could ask for. So the question is: will Read Player One be the first good video game movie? I think it has a chance, not just because it’s by Steven Spielberg but because by making something that’s about games and not a direct adaptation makes a lot more sense.

Video game characters as cameos makes a lot of sense (Wreck-It Ralph was also good in this regard) but I don’t think they can hold their own when it comes to their own movie. They’re like the Hulk in that respect.

Bad company redemption

I hope that news is right about Battlefield: Bad Company 3, because that is exactly the sort of pitch I would be looking for from the new game. I don’t know about everyone else but I was quickly bored with Battlefield 1, not just because of the setting but also the lack of destruction effects and generally boring combat. I’d seen it all before and usually much more interesting.

Then add on all the controversy from Star Wars: Battlefront II and EA in general and I’m suddenly wondering whether I really want to give DICE my money any more. I do if the game is good, but they’ve really got to hit out the park this time.

My priorities are: the best destruction effects ever, by a large margin; slightly smaller maps; and a decent campaign mode that features the same guys from the first game. I’m not sure if that’s feasible with the setting but just something funny and likeable instead of a Call Of Duty wannabe. EA need to make things up with people and this could be their way to do it.

Keep with it

Great news about the Switch hitting 10 million sales already! It’s actually doing slightly better than the PlayStation 4, too because Sony’s first nine months was starting in Christmas. Whereas Nintendo’s started in March and has taken in all the dead summer months. So it’s done just as well but at a harder time of year.

Not that I think it’s going to outsell the PlayStation 4 or anything – Nintendo consoles are designed for longevity but it’s a great achievement. I hope this means that whatever the Switch 2 turns out to be it’ll be more or less the same thing but more powerful.

I’m not usually one to say don’t innovate, especially with Nintendo, but they’ve struck gold here and need to double down on it, not just reinvent the wheel. Release a Super Switch in two or three years’ time and they’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.

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Next gen VR

A bit gutted, as although Fallout 4 VR runs on Oculus Rift the Touch controllers don’t. Have proper support currently resulting in a frustrating experience that I’m not going to preserve with until it’s fixed. The game still thinks you’re using Vive wands, so when the thumbstick snaps back to the central position in menus the game reads it as a downward movement on the Vive Wand trackpad, meaning menu navigation is almost impossible with it yoyoing up and down. You also have to click on the thumbstick many times for it to register in-game when manipulating items.

I’ve no doubt it will be sorted and I hope it’s quick, as what I’ve played so far is very impressive. After the excellent but deeply technically flawed Skyrim VR I’ve been keenly looking out for pop-in and the like. Fallout 4 is not perfect and the resolution of the headset is still the biggest limiting factor, but thanks to the more powerful host hardware it a massive leap over Skyrim VR. The whole environment just feels bigger, more solid, more detailed and as a result more immersive.

I did wonder if the next gen of consoles could provide next gen VR. But Fallout 4 VR running on my 6 teraflop 1070 (admittedly with a very powerful i7 7700k 4.2GHz CPU) has me convinced an 8-10 teraflop PlayStation 5 with improved CPU and higher resolution headset would provide spectacular VR worlds. I don’t think VR gaming will be any cheaper next gen, but I do think it will look amazing.
Simundo Jones

Self-inflicted wound

I am going to laugh so hard when publishers bring the governments of the world down on them, and they will have no-one to blame but their own greedy selves. There’s clearly going to be major new legislation, both here and abroad, and for the first time in my life I’ve got to say it’s entirely justified. Encourage kids to gamble, especially for something so meaningless as a gun skin is disgusting and EA’s whole attitude lately has just stunk to high heaven.

I hope the rumours of them being scared off from microtransactions in the next Battlefield are true, but I don’t believe it either. The way their execs have been talking to investors they haven’t given up at all on their plans, they’re just trying to work out a way to sneak it past people.

Good answer

While it’s not yet available for pre-order on the Nintendo website it looks like the Bayonetta Non-Stop Climax Edition is getting a UK release and I’ll be keeping a close peeper on that! Lots of people (myself included) have questioned how Nintendo can follow up a stellar 2017 in 2018 but Bayonetta 1 and 2 playable on the move with 3 to come is a very decent start.

I only got my Switch a couple of months ago, putting it off until Mario’s release. And then after buying Zelda, Doom, Skyrim, Sine Mora, and L.A. Noire. Had I not completely underestimated how much the ability to play anywhere/anytime would bring so much to the table I would have got one release day.

On another awesome year ahead note, it looks like my Mad Catz Street Fighter arcade tournament fightstick is going get dusted off thanks to… well… Street Fighter! While I’m half decent I’ll probably still get my ass handed to me by someone controlling with a dance mat.

If I don’t get any of my ramblings printed and in turn read before Santa then I’d like to sincerely wish all at GC, all the level-headed readers that makes this site a morning and evening ritual, and last but certainly not least the skeletons.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

GC: It’s up on GAME and Amazon for £69.99. It’s worth pointing out it’s not exactly the same as the Japanese version though, as Bayonetta 1 is still only a download code.

'Ignore Scotland'

Regarding msv858 and warm weather games why not try Far Cry 1 to 3, Resident Evil 5 (if you’re brave enough to put up with Sheva!), Uncharted 1, 3, and 4 (ignoring the Scotland level!), inFamous 2, the Just Cause series (there are snowy areas but also lots of jungle and desert), Assassin’s Creed Origins, and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag.
LastYearsModel09 (PSN ID)

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Xtremely pervy

As a suggestion to msv858 regarding summery games, you’re going to hate me for this, but me and Edge magazine did like the first Dead Or Alive Xtreme Volleyball on the first Xbox.

I know you guys hated it, and there’s every chance any player new to it will too – it being a very Marmite experience – but it captured the spirit of a summer holiday quite well. I’m not suggesting for a moment that you wouldn’t be better served by Super Mario Sunshine, it is the superior game in every aspect – even visually. But, for me, it does succeed at being a relaxing, chill game.

I liked the volleyball mechanics, though I concede they are too simple – dependent and how hard you. I sympathise with any who find it creepy – bribing girls with gifts for their friendship? Goodbye Tomonobu Itagaki, you will not be missed. The girls also look better the more clothes they have on, so the idea of it having pornographic value is moot.

But that was clearly the intention, which is a shame, as the idea of girls going out on a holiday together on a tropical holiday and having a friendly volleyball tournament on the beach and then enjoying the night life should have more universal appeal. It didn’t even have to include playable male characters – girls like socialising with one another, right? It’s been known to happen, right? Had the friendship system been, you know, actually genuine and naturalistic instead of so shallow and tacky that could have been something intriguing.

Even the idea of just playing for costumes had universal merit if it weren’t all just string thongs and bunny girl suits. Like I say, the Dead Or Alive ladies have always looked better the more clothes they had on. There is a huge variety of women’s beach wear out there that would appeal to everybody’s hankering for a bit of dress-up. Instead of just titillating 12-year-old boys.

But as girls will be given the very correct impression that the game is more concerned with catering for the male gaze I doubt it has any female fans. Though if you’re out there, do come clean. Nobody will judge you. Also, if you guys ever meet me in real life, don’t throw stuff at me over this. Especially not those first Xboxes. They were deadly.

Inbox also-rans

Hello, first time commenter. Love the news, reviews, and interviews. You all do a sterling job. Just wanted to say I got a free code for Assassin’s Creed Unity if anyone’s not got round to playing it. Keep at the good work.
R2Ball2 (gamertag)
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GC: Thanks very much, we’ll pass on the code to whoever sends in a useable Inbox letter and asks for it.

Is Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection coming to the UK and Ireland?

GC: Yes, as both a boxed copy and download.

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