Games Inbox: PUBG on Xbox One reaction, Battlefield WWII, and The Last Jedi review

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Games Inbox: Was PUBG on Xbox One released too early?
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – should it have waited till 2018?

The morning Inbox is very impressed by the Predator DLC for Ghost Recon: Wildlands, as one reader recommends Finding Paradise.

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PUBG riot

I am really torn on what to think about PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on Xbox One. I would say I don’t know why they released it in this state, but the answer is obvious: it’s because they wanted it out for Christmas. That’s it plain and simple, and it’s pretty scummy an cynical that basically it was going to go live no matter what it looked like.

But on the other hand… it worked. I bought it anyway and I’m really enjoying it. Technically it’s a complete mess but in terms of having fun it’s been a riot so far. And while the graphics and controls are terrible it’s actually fairly stable, and I can’t say I’ve had that much trouble with connections or frame rate. But then I do tend to stay out of towns anyway as I find them much more dangerous.

The irony of the Xbox One X being the format to prove that gameplay is more important than graphics is so rich in irony though. You couldn’t make it up.

Bad news

So, you may have missed this, especially as GC has been away, but apparently that report about Battlefield: Bad Company 3 being out next year is not true. Or it’s only half right – or something. It’s got a bit confusing with the YouTuber obviously a bit embarrassed about the whole thing and saying that DICE has two different games in development and the main one is actually set in the Second World War.

Whether Bad Company 3 will ever be out isn’t clear, at least from my reading of it all, but the bottom line seems to be that it definitely won’t be out next year whatever happens. Which means more WWII.

Is anyone else but me disappointed in this? It seems Call Of Duty and Battlefield are just going round in big circles. Now we’re into the WWII phase, next it’ll be modern day, and then we’ll back to sci-fi. I think WWII is my least favourite though. I just don’t see what new there is going to be to do, especially given Call Of Duty this year.

Sometimes they come back

Remember Marble Blast Ultra – that cool Xbox 360 arcade game that got tragically removed from sale several years ago? Well, some developers on Steam have made what has probably got to be the most shameless clone in the history of video game clones, and it goes by the name of Marble Skies.

It’s actually a really good game, and the hard levels are great fun (and they’re also extremely challenging). It’s an early access game, but there are virtually no bugs. However, some features such as checkpoints are still missing. I’d like to recommend it to anyone who’s interested.

Also, has anyone noticed the recent resurgence in 3D, Syoer Mario 64 style platformers? Yooka-Laylee, Poi, Super Mario Odyssey, and A Hat In Time have all come out in one year, and I’m glad. Along with Japanese role-playing games, 3D Mario style platformers are the games I enjoy the most. So it’s nice to see them receive some HD current gen love.

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Negative response

I’ve finally cracked Resident Evil 7. It was good fun – easily the second best in the series. The final boss was completely unengaging despite being visually spectacular. So, I thought I would go back to NieR: Automata as I got stuck at a bit where you face those anime boy twins in a spaceship. They were about level 26 whereas 2B was 11 at this point. They handed her very accommodating posterior back to her and no mistake.

So, I realised I needed to do more levelling. More side quests, more fights – more grinding, in other words. This is not very much fun. It might be just my very negative frame of mind at the moment, but I’ve found myself resenting this. It’s because it plays so much like Bayonetta, but in even higher heels that I find this grinding extremely unwelcome.

I had hoped that you would always be the level you needed to be, but that’s not so. Puts a big dampener on proceedings for me. So I went back to Persona 5 and my New Game+. Having much more fun destroying those early shadows with my overpowered equipment. Take that, Archangel! You suck!

GC: If you were always the level you needed to be there’d be no point in levels. NieR is a role-playing game first and foremost.

Extended edition

So I have been playing Pokémon Moon since April 11, 2017 (when I got it) and I just heard about the Ultra Moon and Ultra Sun. I have multiple questions that go to this game.

  • Firstly, what new things have been added to this game that wasn’t in Pokémon Moon?
  • Secondly, which is better Ultra Moon or Ultra Sun?
  • Thirdly, are there shops like clothing and hairstyles and with new hairstyles added and new clothes. Might I add to that, are there new towns with side quests and new balls?

I am sorry if this is causing any hard thinking but I would love if you respond to these questions, they would help me make sure I pick the right game and if it’s worth it.

GC: Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are essentially director’s cuts of the original games. Our review here should explain everything, but which one you pick is largely dependent on which of the legendries featured on the box art you’re most interested in.

Got to da choppa

Even getting it dirt cheap during Black Friday I was very disappointed by Ghost Recon: Wildlands, but I’ve got to say this Predator DLC is fantastic. I’ve already enjoyed it more than I did the main game!

It’s really accurate to the first (as far as I’m concerned, only) movie and even has the proper music and everything. I’m sure the appeal won’t last that long, seeing as it is only some fairly simple DLC, but it does make me think that a dedicated Predator game could totally work.

Maybe something along the lines of the Friday The 13th movie, where one person is the predator and everyone else is the outmatched humans. If they found out a way to add a single-player mode, and kept the aliens out of it, I’d definitely buy that. Maybe if the new movie does well?

Last minute reviewing

The next game by the makers of To The Moon and A Bird Story is out now called Finding Paradise, will you be reviewing it? It is only £6.99 on Steam.
Andrew J.
PS: You can get Hitman’s Paris level free on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC from now until January 5th 2018.
PPS: Hope GameCentral and all its readers have a Happy Christmas and New Year.

GC: It may have to wait until next year. Unusually, this week is very busy, and we have all the Christmas content to finalise as well.

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Second viewing

So I have to ask GC, since most of you seemed to be away on Friday, what did you think of The Last Jedi I saw it on Thursday night and I have to say it was not what I was expecting in anyway. I think the middle part really dragged, and the way they treated Luke was… well, I better not say for fear of spoilers.

I part of me almost thinks they made it so weird and left field just so people would want to go again just to work out what the heck they watched. I will say I thought Kylo and Rey were very well handled though. Daisy Ridley was a bit wooden in The Force Awakens but she really grew on me in this film and I think Rey is now one of my favourite characters in the whole saga.

GC: We’re honestly not sure yet, we’ll have to see it again. But it was a very peculiar take on some of the characters, with more of the same weak worldbuilding as The Force Awakens and some very silly plot points. It was also extremely disjointed, with a lot of inappropriate, or just plain bad, humour. We definitely miss the veneer of verisimilitude that the original films used to have, in terms of how they portrayed their technology and battle tactics.

So there’s a lot to dislike – including the fact that it was at least 20 minutes too long – but it includes some amazing sequences that are up there with the best in the series. There was also a lot more thematic depth to the film than any other Star Wars movie, and those aspects were handled surprisingly subtly. But overall we felt it was very uneven and unnecessarily fragmented.

Inbox also-rans

RE: Fortnite: Battle Royale and crackling noise. I have been having the same exact issue. I was also wondering why they haven’t fixed it yet, but I never seen any posts on the forums. Have you been able to find a solution yet?

RE: The Predator. ‘There is a new movie reboot coming up, but so far no sign of a video game tie-in.’ It’s not a reboot – it is set between Predator 2 and Predators.
TRe Blah

GC: Oh? So the handshake will still be canon?

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