Games Inbox: Mario Kart 9 ideas, Respawn’s Jedi Knight IV, and Wolfenstein II: Gold Edition

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Games Inbox: What do you want to see for Mario Kart 9?
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – should the next one be Nintendo Kart?

The evening Inbox hopes Microsoft takes the right lessons from the success of PUBG, as one reader wonders what the third best game of 2017 is.

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Super Smash Kart

Given the recent discussion about what to do with the next Zelda, I wonder what people’s thoughts are about the next Mario Kart? Much more than Breath Of The Wild, Mario Kart 8 is just a straight port of a Wii U game, so we haven’t really had a Switch entry yet. So while there’s usually only one per console I think it’s likely we will eventually get another one. But what should it be like?

It’s tricky, because Mario Kart 8 was already pretty much perfect. I assume the main gimmick though will be that this is turned into more of a ‘Nintendo Kart’, with a similar range of characters to Super Smash Bros. That doesn’t change anything about the gameplay though so how about giving everyone unique items, rather than just generic ones from the boxes?

I think that would actually be pretty interesting and added in with the new courses the characters would bring could be quite a major shake-up. Maybe add in some more open-ended/off-road maps as well as experiments. I think expanding the single-player would be a waste though, it’s not important and I’d rather they spend the time and money on the multiplayer.

The battle for third place

I think that by the time we get to the Readers’ Top 20 of 2017 next year it’s going to be the least surprising thing ever. I just don’t see anything but a complete landslide for Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, just as we have seen with various critics’ lists so far.

And I have no complaint about that either. I think it’s a fantastic game, with very few flaws, and I think the lack of any sizeable backlash – despite the number of Nintendo haters out there – pretty much confirms it as an all-time classic. I’d say the race for second place was more interesting, but is there any chance that’s anything other than Super Mario Odyssey?

Man, what a year Nintendo has had. I can’t wait to see how they mess it up next year (you know they will).

Lessons to learn

Meant to write in to say that I completely agree with the ‘how to save the Xbox One’ Reader’s Feature last weekend. Very solid points got across without any vitriol. I don’t see how any reasonable person can argue with them and like the writer I struggle to understand how Microsoft themselves cannot see them.

It factors into the success of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds too, on at least two points: the importance of exclusives and the need for new IP instead of just relying on Gears Of War and Halo all the time. There’s no way the game would’ve sold that much on Xbox One alone if it had come out on PlayStation 4 at the same time, but now the game’s associated with Xbox no matter what happens after and Microsoft are going to greatly benefit from that.

So why don’t they see that can apply to any game! Normal people do not care about the minute differences Xbox One X and 4K and all that other nonsense makes, but they do know whether a game is on their system or not. That makes a hell of a lot more difference!
PS: I still haven’t got around to finishing my own Reader’s Feature, do you have enough now for Christmas?

GC: Reader’s Features are less of a problem at the moment than Inbox letters. We got almost none today and at this rate we won’t have enough for the morning, let alone the evening Inbox. We know it’s Christmas soon, but we can see from the numbers that the same number of people are reading the Inbox as usual – they’ve just suddenly stopped sending in emails.

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The wrong year

I’ve been glad to see that Wolfenstein II has been winning some awards already, and picked up an important one at The Game Awards. But every time I think about it I get angrier with Bethesda for basically sending it out to die. You could have said it was unlucky to come out the same year as so many other great games but if it had been given a sensible release date it wouldn’t have!

Have it come out in January or February and it’s got zero competition and – because who knows how 2018 will turn out – maybe it’ll have a greater shot at being game of the year. I just hope Bethesda package some kind of gold edition when all the DLC is out. And they better not think about not making a third one, because this is all their stupid fault!

Super pinball odyssey

Can I give a big thumbs up to Stern Pinball Arcade on the Switch?

I have seen no advertising or promotions for this game, but for the bargain price of £30 I wouldn’t want other readers who like a bit of pinball action to miss out.

It has a multitude of tables including an AC/DC one which is my favourite, there are a few frame rate issues but they do not distract from going back to try to beat the high scores.

Super Mario Odyssey has taken a back seat and this is taking up all my gaming time.
Mark Laugharne

Large step for console kind

I assume you’re going to have some sort of 2017 predictions Hot Topic next year, but my one is definitely that we hear something about the PlayStation 5. I don’t want another generation that goes on for eight years or more and I don’t like how the PS4 Pro has muddied the water between generations.

I want a good clean break with the past and some new technology, I already feel like the PS4 Pro isn’t powerful enough and I want a big leap not a little step.

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Dark Forces V

Although I agree with the sentiments of the reader complaining about EA’s handling of Star Wars I do assume we’ll see Respawn’s game before long. Assuming EA don’t shut them down before they get a chance to finish it (and no, that obviously isn’t a joke).

I was looking into seeing if there were any rumours as to what kind of game it was and it seems the only theory (other than AT-ST sim, which I think is just people kidding) is that it’s a lightsabre game. But this only seems to be based on some behind the scenes footage of guys jousting with lightsabres.

So… the game has lightsabre battles in it, but I don’ think that exactly rules out much if it’s a Star Wars game. Especially as it could easily be for just a cut scene and unconnected with the gameplay. If it turns out to be a new Jedi Knight game I’ll be over the moon, and from what little we’ve got to go on I think that could be the case. After all, EA’s has already brought back one old franchise with Battlefront.

Inbox also-rans

The Mini SNES is back in stock at Amazon if anyone is still after one. Here’s a link. They’re guaranteeing delivery before Christmas.

Whenever you’re away at a press event are you instructed not to share it with us beforehand, or do you prefer not to tell?

GC: Often it’s supposed to be a secret, it was with Bandai Namco. We’re not really sure why, perhaps to stop people trying to gatecrash it.

This week’s Hot Topic

As is tradition for the last week before Christmas, this weekend’s Inbox asks what was your biggest video game-related disappointment of 2017?

In the new year (once everyone’s had a chance to play their Christmas presents) we’ll run our regular reader’s poll for the best games of 2017, but for now we want to know what you think was the worst.

Your pick doesn’t have to be a complete disaster but what game were you at least disappointed with? Or perhaps there was some other news story, trend, or hardware release that you considered to be the low point of 2017 for games?

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