Games Inbox: GTA Online Doomsday Heist disapproval, PUBG graphics, and A Hat In Time love

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Games Inbox: Has GTA Online jumped the shark with Doomsday Heist?
GTA Online: The Doomsday Heist – has Rockstar gone too far?

The evening Inbox suggests playing Fortnite rather than PUBG, as one reader describes Zelda’s finest moment.

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Reality heist

Has anyone else played the Doomsday Heist on GTA Online? I don’t want to speak ill of a great game, but I think with this one Rockstar have gone too far. For those that don’t know it’s basically an old school James Bond film with flying cars and jetpacks and all kinds of nonsense. But for me it’s just too silly.

Not that I have anything against silly, but it’s got to be in its proper context and Grand Theft Auto to me was always a parody of the real world. An exaggeration but still something we could all recognise as being based in reality. But the world’s already full of tanks and jets and all that, and now it’s going to be Roger Moore’s Lotus Esprit? For me that’s just going too far.

My hope would be that they create different versions of the world, one which is as realistic as possible and another which is super wacky. I think that would actually be a very good thing, as you’d make your choice and know what you were getting into. At the moment though it’s just all turning into a mish-mash…

Disguised spoiler

Just on Trondie’s note about Zelda being a wet blanket and never having done anything interesting, was she not in disguise as Sheik in Ocarina Of Time? And Sheik was a badass from what I remember!

Getting out there at great risk to herself (being a princess she should be thinking about her subjects and what would happen were she to be killed) by escaping Ganon dressed in disguise, and helping Link on his quest, I think she has done plenty enough; at times.

GC: Yes, that probably is her finest moment.

Hats off

I thought I’d write in to first of all thank you for your review of A Hat In Time. I’ve been playing the game over the past week or so and have thoroughly enjoyed myself, well for most of it. As I get towards the end of it some niggles are starting to grind my gears. I’m trying not to hold these personal issues against the game too much, as I know it’s an indie game with a small team working on what is clearly a passion project, and I certainly don’t expect the same production values as Mario Odyssey. But the lack of precision and general hit detection of the platforming is starting to get on my wick a bit.

There’s quite a steep difficulty spike for some of the bosses as well, which have come as quite a surprise as everything else in the game is generally quite easy. And don’t even get me started on those ‘stealth’ sections on the movie level featuring those darn cameras!

But, besides all this it’s a great game which I think more people should play, and you were completely right in your review, the levels really do get better as they go on. The final level, Alpine Skyline in particular, is truly wonderful. The game is full to the rim of charm and personality and has a great sense of humour.

At the moment I don’t know if I like it more than Yookee-Laylee or not, (to be honest I don’t know why I’m even choosing between the two, but I feel other people will make the comparisons). I’d probably rate them the same as one another.

Anyway, I hope all of you at GC Towers have a wonderful Christmas and new year!
Jonny H
PS: I don’t know if you’ve seen, but Night In The Woods has been re-released with a new ‘autumn’ edition (basically it’s extended), so now you can catch up with that review you missed the first time around.

GC: Oh, we’ll try and check that out. Although we’ve still never heard back from the developer.

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Legal small print

I am also not a lawyer, but that article about GoldenEye 007 for the N64 being out of copyright is nonsense. The guy on The Zero Review is confusing a service the US Border and Customs Protection agency offers with actual copyright law.

The expired ‘customs copyright’ found is simply the registration of the copyrighted work with the US CBP to help stop foreign counterfeits getting into the US (there’s a PDF about the service here). That only lasts 20 years because hardly anything is going to have a shelf-life that long, but it can be extended.

Actual copyright for video games lasts as long as it does for most other media, at least 95 years. If copyright expired after 20 years literally every game from 1997 or earlier would be freely available as public domain, which clearly isn’t the case. James Bond itself will enter the public domain before Nintendo loses its rights to GoldenEye 007.
Martin Smith

Requested score

I would appreciate a score and overall verdict on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds please. The reason being, unlike Fortnite, which can be played for free, I will have to invest money into PUGB and I would like to know if the investment is worth it in its current form.

Keep up the great work and Merry Christmas.

Regarding the score for PUBG, if you can buy it in the shops then I think it should be scored just like any other game, and not avoid any harsher criticism just because it’s in a preview state.
bigdaddy watt

GC: Most people seem to agree, so we probably will now.

Unofficial support

Just a heads up for Simundo from yesterday evening’s inbox, that Fallout 4 VR working on Rift is purely because of its SteamVR release.

Bethesda haven’t officially released it on Rift, and as far as I understand don’t intend to support it for Rift either (possibly because of Zenimax vs. Oculus). You might need to look to mods to fix the control issues, unfortunately.

Beyond action

Just wanted to echo the praise for Wolfenstein II, I thought the first one was great but I don’t think I’ve been so surprised and astounded by a first person shooter since Half Life. Stealth, frantic gunplay, superb level design, and an incredible story; Machine Games deserve every accolade they receive.

To describe it as an action game sells it short, it’s so much more. Keep up the great work GC. Happy new year to you guys and all the readers.

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Alternative battle

I didn’t get on with PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds when I tried it. I picked it up when I got my first gaming PC and struggled to adapt to keyboard and mouse after a lifetime on console controllers. I found the concept a lot of fun though, and thought to myself it would be great if Nintendo made a more console-y Battle Royal game in the mould of Splatoon.

I didn’t have to wait for Nintendo as there’s already a more arcadey battle royal game out in Fortnite Battle Royal on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

The map is smaller so the games are more fast paced and the weapon system is less complicated. There’s no attachments and weapon power is tiered from common, uncommon, rare, epic and legendary. The shooting mechanics are still very good though, you still have to lead with your shots and pulling off a long distance snipe is immensely satisfying.

There’s also a fun and well implemented building mechanic where you can erect structures by collecting materials by demolishing the environment with your pickaxe. It’s not complicated and adds fun gameplay by allowing you to build fortification for protection, or the means to access high areas quickly providing some vertically to proceedings.

It’s free to play but is not pay to win and is well worth downloading to see what all the fuss is about regarding Battle Royale games.
Simundo Jones

Inbox also-rans

Just a quick word on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on the Xbox One. It is a shoddy mess and, yes, I know it’s an early access game but the frame rate is awful and pop-in and texture break-up are common. Even on my Xbox One X performance is terrible.

I think PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has actually put me off wanting to be a PC gamer. Why are the graphics so terrible? It looks like a Dreamcast game when the textures fall off.

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Were there any major announcements you were expecting to see but didn’t, and where there any reveals that you thought dropped the ball in terms of what or how much they revealed?

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