FA clears Jose Mourinho of trying to sway officials ahead of Manchester derby

Jose Mourinho will not face any disciplinary action from the Football Association for his comments before the recent Manchester derby but has once more been warned about his future behaviour.

The FA did not specify which pre-match remarks it was investigating but it is understood to have been concerned by the Manchester United manager's suggestion that City players make "tactical fouls" to break up opponent's attacks.

The game, which City won at Old Trafford 2-1, took place on December 10 but Mourinho was not asked to explain himself until last Thursday, with a deadline of this Monday for his observations.

In a statement, the FA said it has decided to take "no formal action" after reviewing evidence provided by the club but has "reminded Jose Mourinho any further public comments about match officials may result in disciplinary action" – the former Chelsea boss has previous in this regard.

Earlier on Thursday, it was also revealed that no action would be taken against the clubs for the altercation that took place after the match.

City's celebrations are alleged to have sparked a row involving several players and staff from both teams in the corridor outside the dressing rooms. During that altercation, it is understood that milk and water were thrown in Mourinho's direction.

But the FA said the matter was closed "following a review of the evidence provided by the clubs and independent eyewitnesses".

The two clubs were originally given 48 hours by the FA to provide their "observations" on what happened but that was extended to five days, with a deadline of 6pm last Friday.

With no obvious culprits, video footage of the incident or police interest in the matter, it was always unlikely that the FA would be able to shed much light on what happened.

But the altercation, which is understood to have been sparked by Mourinho taking exception to the loud music and high spirits in the away dressing room, has provided a new chapter in the clubs' mutual history.

When asked about it last week, Mourinho snapped at reporters and said the incident, which left City coach Mikel Arteta with a cut face, revealed the difference between his players and rival boss Pep Guardiola's.

"The only thing I can say is that for me it was just a question of diversity – diversity in behaviours, diversity in education. Just that and nothing more than that," he said.

Guardiola, however, has been adamant that his players, who lead United in the Premier League by 11 points, did nothing wrong and denied they lack respect for their rivals.

"Our intentions were to celebrate, inside the locker room, our happiness because we were happy. If the people cannot understand that then I'm sorry," he said.

"We were so happy, we won a derby. If in that way we offended United – not just one player, not (just) Jose – then I apologise.

"We have huge respect for our opponents – not just Manchester United, all the opponents."

Mourinho is due to face the media on Friday ahead of United's festive programme and the issue of fixture congestion may be discussed.

An article posted on United's official website has been widely discussed on Thursday, with the club saying "research shows that Manchester United have a harder time of it than our rivals towards the top of the table."

The story points out they have "six non-matchdays" between December 23 and January 1, adding the claim: "Chelsea's matches are nicely spaced out to give them a total of eight days between games, while Liverpool and Manchester City have seven."

It goes on to say that United will travel 288 total miles, but that it is "considerably more" than Boxing Day opponents Burnley who go "only 160 miles".

United do say how in October and November they only had seven league games, and finish by saying their schedule is "a price of success".

Mourinho's men go to Leicester on Saturday, host Burnley (26th) and Southampton (30th) and go to Everton on New Year's Day.

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