Dem Rep Meeks: Trump Is ‘a Con Man’

byPam Key27 Dec 20170

Wednesday on CNN, while discussing the latest tax bill passed by Congress, Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-NY) called President Donald Trump a “con man.”

Meeks said, “Eighty percent of the tax cuts that are coming is going to go to the richest one percent. So, yes, if you want to say you’re giving them a crumb, and that tax cut expires in ten years, whereas it does not expire for the major corporations of America. So there is a bait and switch. That is what I’m concerned about with how this president has governed over the last year.”

He added, “He baits and then switches. He says one thing, and then there is really a different result. And so we’ve got to be careful. You know, I’ve said all along that this president is a con man. And we’ve, you’ve got to see a con man, he gives you something that might sound sweet but you know it’s going to be bitter in the end. So you’ve got to pay extra attention to what he does because he’s a bait and switch con man and that gives me a concern.”

(h/t The Hill)

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