10 festive drinking games you need to play this Christmas

10 festive drinking games you need to play this Christmas
Make your drinking games a little bit more festive this year (Picture: Getty)

Ding dong, deck the halls and let’s all get merrily on high – Christmas ‘tis the season to get absolutely baubled.

If festive drinking games aren’t a tradition round your way then 2017 is the year to get involved.

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Drinking games shouldn’t be limited to university halls.

Not only are they excellent fun, they bring people together and make us all feel tingly and warm.

Isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

Of course, all fun should be had in moderation. Drink responsibly, folks, and keep each other safe. We can all still have fun without getting totally grottoed.

So gather round, grab a glass and get your game face on with these 10 festive drinking games – think all the freshers’ week classics with a tinsel-y twist.

1. Never have I evergreen

Players take turns to say something they have never done at Christmas.

For instance, Player One might say: ‘Never have I ever kissed someone under the mistletoe.’

Players that have done the deed must drink.

As the game goes on, and players get into the festive cheer, statements tend to get spicier than a Nigella turkey curry.

2. Festive flip cup

Divide into two teams and line up along either side of a table, facing your opponent.

Each player fills their cup with mulled wine. Players place their cup on the table in front of them.

Starting with the players at the top of the table, opposing pairs must race to down their drink.

They then place their cup on the edge of the table and race to flip it upside down.

Only when the cup is flipped can the next player in your team begin drinking. The first team to finish wins.

10 festive drinking games you need to play this Christmas
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3. Wreath of fire

Grab a pack of cards. Assign each card a Yule rule then spread out the deck, face down, in a circle around a glass.

Players take it in turns to select a card and must abide by the stated rule.

They include the ‘Mary’ rule, where all the women in the group must drink, or the ‘Rudolf rhyme’ where you pick a festive word then go round the circle coming up with words that rhyme. For instance: ‘stocking’, ‘rocking’ ‘locking’.

The first person to fail must drink.

4. Drink while you Grinch

Go round the circle taking turns to say things you hate about Christmas. Stuck for ideas? Drink until you can think of one.

The winner is the person with all their drink left – I think?

5. Fives (gold rings)

Players stand in a circle and extend their fists into the middle.

Each player receives five gold rings – fine, Hula Hoops – that they must place on each finger.

Each beringed finger counts as one, so one fist counts as a ‘five’.

Player One counts out ‘one, two, three’ then shouts a multiple of five, which can be no more than the total number of ‘fives’ in the game (for example, five fists equals 25 fingers, so the maximum total is 25).

Players then decide whether to stick out their fingers (five) or keep fist closed (zero).

If Player One has unwittingly guessed the correct multiple of five, then they are out, must eat all their rings (Hula Hoops) and take a penalty drink. If they are wrong, the game continues.

The winner is the last player with all their Hula Hoo– rings on.

10 festive drinking games you need to play this Christmas

6. Fuzzy turkey

Sit in a circle. Player One says ‘fuzzy turkey’ to the player to her left.

Player Two says ‘fuzzy turkey’ to the player on their left, and so on, so that the message is passed round the circle.

If someone says ‘does he?’ the phrase changes to ‘turkey fuzz’ and changes direction – until someone says ‘does he?’ again, when the message goes back the other way.

If you mess up – and you will – take a drink.

7. 21 Days of Christmas

Players go round the circle trying to count to 21. The aim is avoid being the person who says ‘21’ as you will have to down your drink.

Add in festive rules as the game progresses. For example, instead of saying ‘3’, the relevant player must sing the first line of a Christmas carol.

Or, on ‘11’, all players must jump up and create the Nativity Scene. Penalty drinks are allotted to players who mess up or forget rules.

Saying two numbers sends it back the other way, saying three numbers skips the person to your left and there are loads more inane rules in addition.

Basically, the drunker you get, the harder it is.

8. Reinbeer pong

Everyone must immediately put on novelty reindeer antlers.

Next, divide into two teams and take your positions at either ends of a table.

Each team sets out ten cups in a pyramid formation on the table in front of them and fills them with beer (or Prosecco for a an extra twinkly twist).

One member from each team steps up and take turns to throw a ping-pong ball into the other team’s cups.

If they are successful, their opponent must down the cup in which the ball landed.

The defending team may use their reindeer antlers, and only their antlers, to bat the balls away.

The first team to land balls in all their 10 opponents’ cups are the winners.

9. Rox-anta Claus

Put on Roxanne by The Police.

In the traditional version of this game, everyone drinks on the word ‘Roxanne’ but this is the Christmas edition, so everyone must drink on the word ‘red’.

Don’t worry, it comes up just as much.

10. International Drinking Yules

Player must abide by the following set of Christmassy rules.

  • No first names. Assign everyone a reindeer name instead.
  • No swearing. Players that slip up go straight on Santa’s naughty list.
  • No mentioning the word ‘drink’. ‘Sup’ is a good, Dickensian alternative.
  • No finger pointing. Get those antlers back on.
  • Left-handed glass holding only (right handed for Lefties). It displeases the elves.
  • No empty glasses on the table. That just isn’t Christmas.

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