You can’t stop eating salted caramel because it’s scientifically addictive

You can't stop eating salted caramel because it's scientifically addictive
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The world has gone nuts for salted caramel.

Gone are the days of simple sticky sweetness. Today, everything from doughnuts to bacon has been glazed in a heady mix of salt and sweet.

It’s genuinely impossible to just have a lick and walk away – salted caramel is among the most morish things in existence.

If you can’t just have a little bit, it’s just because you’re a greedy caramel fiend.

It’s actually science.

A new study by the University of Flordia has looked at 150 participants and concluded that when we chow down on something sweet, salty or fatty, our brains release heroin-like chemicals called endogenous opioids.

So imagine what happens when you get a substance that combines all three. Like salted caramel.

Eating the stuff causes what researchers have called a ‘hedonistic escalation’.

That means that our brains keep craving more and more with every mouthful as it detects a new flavour.

‘Hedonic escalation is more likely to occur when a palatable food consists of a complex combination of flavours, and a person is motivated to taste additional flavours on each successive bite,’ they say.

‘Hedonic escalation can also increase consumption and influence food choice.’

In other words, it’s impossible to fight the urge to finish a whole jar or another smothered cake so don’t bother.

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