World Cup qualifying: where did it all go wrong for your team?

With just a few places left for next summer’s World Cup, we’d like to know why your country is not going to Russia

Sweden, Switzerland and Croatia are the latest countries to book their places at the World Cup next summer, but a few titans of the game will not be in attendance. Four-times champions Italy are missing out for the first time since 1958; three-times finalists Holland finished third at the last World Cup but only finished third in their qualifying group this time around; and Chile, who are ranked ninth in the world, will be staying at home.

The list of 32 countries who will be in the group draw in December is taking shape, so why is your team missing? Did you have high hopes going into the qualifying campaign or was it always going to be a struggle? Was there a turning point in the qualifiers where everything turned against your side or has it been a total disaster from start to finish? Share your thoughts by filling out the form below and we’ll publish some of your responses by the end of the week.

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