What is Iron Banner in Destiny 2 and when does it end?

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What is Iron Banner in Destiny 2 and when does it end?
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The Iron Banner event returned to Destiny 2 on Monday and once again it has plenty of unique rewards available for players to earn.

The current Iron Banner is available for the last time for season 1 of Destiny 2, so players are encouraged to act quick if they want to get their hands on the special weapons and armour.

It is a crucible game-type which means it is a competitive PVP multiplayer mode, which is limited to only a small handful of events.

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What is Iron Banner and how do you access it?

Iron Banner is a Crucible event which offers players the opportunity to earn unique gear while leveling up their Iron Banner faction.

Lord Saladin is an important character within Iron Banner as he will reward players who provide him with Iron Banner tokens.

The tokens can be earned by completing matches, achieving daily challenges and also by reaching daily and seasonal milestones.

To access the event, you will first need to complete the Destiny 2 campaign and achieve level 20, giving you access to the second social space.

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Iron Banner is only around for one week at a time

You will then need to see Lord Saladin in the main tower and speaking to him will unlock the Iron Banner milestones.

You should then be able to enter the Iron Banner playlist through quickplay and then complete quests to earn tokens.

When does the current Iron Banner end?

Iron Banner events are only around for one week at a time and the current one started on Tuesday 21st November.

So players can expect the current Iron banner to end during the weekly reset at 9am GMT on Tuesday 28th November.

With only a couple of days left of the current Iron Banner, you will need to be quick if you want to get your hands on some of the rewards.

You should make sure that you have given all of your Iron Banner tokens to Lord Saladin before the weekly reset.

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