Watch: Simon Jordan in amazing attack on Joey Barton on talkSPORT over David Unsworth criticism

Friday, November 3, 2017

Simon Jordan has launched a stinging attack on Joey Barton following his controversial criticism of David Unsworth.

Barton made headlines this week for branding Everton caretaker boss Unsworth a “glorified PE teacher”, claiming he is too overweight to lead the club and insisting he should stick with academy football.

The personal attack on Unsworth did not go down well with Toffees fans and Jordan, who has clashed regularly with his fellow talkSPORT presenter in the past, claims Barton stepped over the line.

“Joey Barton waxing lyrical about the idea players won't respect David Unsworth because physically he isn’t condition… well I think Barton has aspirations to manage himself and I suspect there will be a challenge for him when he is looking to enforce discipline and culture in his players because I don’t think he passed the sniff test on that himself,” said the former Crystal Palace owner, speaking on the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast.

“Maybe he'd like to have the opportunity to be a manager and David Unsworth is getting that opportunity and he thinks that is not fair for him.

"If I am a football club chairman, which I was, and I have got a choice between who am I going to employ as my manager between David Unsworth and Joey Barton, I am going to pick David Unsworth every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

"I know managers that have managed Barton and while he is an intelligent guy in some respects and is quite erudite in his opinions, some of what comes out of his mouth is nothing short of a disgrace.

“He is a person that, to me, was a bang average Premier League player, he has been difficult wherever he has been, I don’t think he is a real model for anybody. Sometimes he speaks very well and very intelligently and there should be more of that and less of the identity of trying to create a reaction in people by saying something that I don’t believe is authentic.”

Watch Simon Jordan's full verdict on Joey Barton below…

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