Tottenham Hotspur v Crystal Palace: Premier League – live!

Hello. This is the kind of game that Tottenham, being Tottenham, would lose in the past. Real Madrid one minute, Crystal Palace the next; you know how these things go. This is where we’re supposed to laugh at Tottenham for being Spursy, their version of Cityitis, and tip them to lose at home to the Premier League’s bottom side four days after walloping the European champions at Wembley. What are they like!

But let’s not go down that route. Thanks to Mauricio Pochettino, the definition of Spursy is starting to change. The word was once associated with flimsiness and farce, with softness and sloppiness, and Tottenham could always be relied upon to let you down. Now, however, to be Spursy means being sturdy at the back and rather brilliant in attack. They might not win the league this season, not with Manchester City in such scintillating form, but that would not be down to any kind of mental weakness. Not under Pochettino. Standards have been raised.

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