Super Mario movie planned by makers of Minions

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Super Mario movie planned by makers of Minions
Could a Super Mario movie actually be good?

Nintendo’s first big screen animated film could finally be happening, via a deal with Universal and the studio behind Despicable Me.

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Given recent years have seen movies based on emojis and the board game Battleship it seems almost bizarre that there still hasn’t been a film based on the world’s most famous video games character.

Well, there was the wonderful disaster of Bob Hoskins, of course. But an animated movie that looks like the games could actually be good.

There’s been multiple rumours over the years of just such a thing happening, most recently with talk of a Nintendo cinematic universe orchestrated by Sony, of all people.

As you may have noticed that never happened, but the latest rumour suggests that Universal and the studio Illumination, who produced Despicable Me and The Secret Life of Pets are now involved.

According to The Wall Street Journal the movie plans followed on from Nintendo’s deal for a theme park deal with Universal Studios.

The Wall Street Journal article is behind a paywall but that’s pretty much all the details anyway, as it points out that a deal hasn’t been signed and there’s no guarantee it will be.

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Apparently, Nintendo are pushing to maintain a high level of control, which sounds like a good idea until you realise that many of the weirdest decisions in the Bob Hoskins movie (such as the animatronic Yoshi) were actually Nintendo’s idea.

If the deal doesn’t happen though there’s always that live action Sonic the Hedgehog movie to look forward to, which in violation of all sense and reason is still happening – under the stewardship of the director of Deadpool.

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