Soccer | Marseille firm designs T-shirt mocking Evra

Marseille – A Marseille clothing designer is hoping to make hay with a hastily-designed T-shirt mocking Patrice Evra's karate kick on one of his team's own fans.

The wording on the t-shirt reads in French "Un petit Pat pour l'homme – Un grand Pat vers la retraite" – A small step for the man, a giant step towards retirement.

The caption, a play on words with 'Pat' and 'pas' (step) evokes American astronaut Neil Armstrong's iconic message back to earth when he became the first man to step on the moon in 1969.

The garment features a black and white photo of Evra's moment of madness before Thursday's Europa League game at Guimaraes in Portugal.

"We had to do something," Julian Cardillo, founder of the company Triaaangles told AFP.

"We watched the incident yesterday on television, we knew it was going to make the news."

The former Manchester United star was red-carded for the pre-match warm-up assault.

The 36-year-old has been given an initial one-match ban by UEFA, and suspended by his club.

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