Roy Moore, Wife Describe Media Scrutiny — Reporters Have Sought Out Friends, Family, Fellow Vietnam Soldiers

byJeff Poor22 Nov 20170

Vietnam Soldiers

In an interview that aired Tuesday on Alabama Cable Network’s “Reality Check,” a program hosted by former State Sen. Scott Beason (R), GOP U.S. Senate hopeful Roy Moore and his wife Kayla Moore discussed the increase in media scrutiny they have faced since Roy Moore won the Republican nomination back in September.

Kayla Moore told Beason reporters have sought out friends and family, including showing up at their door.

“I will say that they have gone into all of our family and friends and people that we’ve known over the last 40 years,” she said. “People can attest to it. They’ve sent messages to me, ‘What do I do, the press is calling me. They’ve shown up at my door.’ They’ve gone through all our records. They’ve pulled records from the courthouse. This is the opposition research that they do.”

Roy Moore added they had gone back to Moore’s high school years and his time in Vietnam.

“They’ve contacted people I was in Vietnam with, people I was in high school with over 50 years ago,” he said. “It’s unbelievable.”

“And the reason that they do it is they want to divert attention away from how ultra-liberal our opponent is,” Kayla Moore added.

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