Premier League: 10 things to look out for this weekend

José Mourinho will surely play it safe and Arsène Wenger might be wise to follow suit, but we can expect goals between West Ham and Liverpool

Pootling along nicely enough but already nine points off the pace set by Manchester City, the haunting sound of the Arsenal crisis klaxon will once again ring out over north London if they ship the hiding some expect at the Etihad. There is no shame in losing to a Manchester City side averaging 3.5 goals per Premier League game so far this season, but Arsène Wenger will be painfully aware of the aggravation he will be forced to endure, should his team become the seventh to ship three or more goals in league defeat against City this season. Sitting back in a bid to cop from the José Mourinho Safety First playbook goes against every fibre of the Frenchman’s being, but on this occasion it might be worth thinking about in the hope his side can at some point take advantage of the obvious frailties showcased by Manchester City’s defence at West Brom last week. BG

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