Pokémon Go news: How to catch Farfetch’d and how long is it available worldwide?

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Pokémon Go news: Farfetch'd available worldwide after trainers reach 3 billion target

Pokémon Go players have completed the Global Catch Challenge by capturing 3 billion pokémon, which means that Farfetch’d is now available to catch worldwide.

The rare Japan-exclusive creature was one that many trainers struggled to get hold of, but it will now be available across the world for 48 hours.

Niantic’s special global event was launched to encourage players to travel further than their usual locations to catch more pokémon.

Trainers were able to get some great rewards if they reached certain goals for the number of pokémon that were caught globally.

In Japan Farfetch’d is quite a common pokémon because of it being a normal type, and it’s often found in city centres and parks.

It is hard to predict how easy it will be to find while it is available worldwide, but there have already been plenty of happy trainers showing off their first Farfetch’d on Twitter.

As well as unlocking the rare pokémon, players will also receive double stardust and XP, and they will also be able to use 6 hour lures.

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Along with Farfetch’d being release worldwide, trainers in East Asia will also be able to find and catch Kangashkan during the 48 hour period.

The Global Catch Challenge event started on 20th November and will conclude today in a special celebration at the Pokémon Go Safari Zone event in Tottori, Japan.

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