Pepsi is bringing out a salted caramel flavoured pop

Pepsi is bringing out a salted caramel flavoured pop
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Coca Cola is well known for experimenting with all sorts of mad flavours.

They’ve done Cherry. Vanilla. Coffee.

But Pepsi, on the whole, has stuck to its guns. It’s flavour variations are way less widely known than Coke’s.

So imagine the alarm that’s been caused by the news that Pepsi are launching a salted caramel edition.

It ‘blends the refreshing taste of cola with a delicious caramel finish,’ apparently, and uses less sugar than the standard flavour (which is then made up with a combination of natural and artificial flavourings).

What exactly does it taste like?

Well, according to one Instagrammer, ‘its not overpowering but it’s smooth and does well with the Pepsi flavour’.

‘Some of you will like it, some won’t. I didn’t like it a ton, but I have to appreciate the execution. 7/10!’

Sure, caramel flavouring isn’t that absurd but many hardcore Pepsi fans still aren’t convinced:

Why would anyone want to drink Salted Caramel Pepsi? ?

— Megan ★ Jameson (@megan_jameson) November 12, 2017

Which begs the question: is it really necessary to keep creating new flavours of already flavoured things?

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