Next Battlefield game will be out by at least April 2019

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Next Battlefield game will be out by at least April 2019
What’s next for the Battlefield franchise?

EA has hinted that a new Battlefield game will be out next Christmas, as well as the Destiny style shared world shooter Anthem.

Of course, there was never any doubt there’d be a new Battlefield, and the assumption has always been that EA would release it as their big online shooter for Christmas 2018. But now they’ve all but confirmed it.

While talking to investors, following the publishing of the company’s most recent financial results, Andrew Wilson talked about the company’s next financial year – which runs from April 2018 to the end of March 2019.

‘We will add the next Battlefield game, and move into the action genre with Anthem. We expect our subscriber base to continue to grow, and for our new mobile titles to benefit from players looking for deeper experiences with higher production values.’

Considering no modern Battlefield game has released at any time other than November it seems pretty obvious what EA are aiming for.

There’s never been any clue as to what the next Battlefield is, but a direct follow-up to the First World War-themed Battlefield 1 seems unlikely. Instead the smart money has got to be on Bad Company 3, or at least some kind of return to the modern day.

There has already been a sci-fi Battlefield, in the oft-forgotten Battlefield 2142, but ever since EA started making Star Wars: Battlefront games that avenue seems redundant for Battlefield itself.

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Very little has been seen of Anthem so far, but it was always implied to be aiming for next Christmas.

That raises the prospect of EA competing with themselves, as they did with last year’s Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2, but if they spread the release dates apart – as Activision have with Destiny 2 and Call Of Duty: WWII – there shouldn’t be any problem.

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