New PS4 games announced: Ghost Of Tsushima, Onrush, Concrete Genie, and more

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New PS4 games announced: Ghost Of Tsushima, Onrush, Concrete Genie, and more
Spider-Man – not a new announcement, but it’s looking good

Sony’s Paris Games Week event has revealed a new game from inFamous creators Sucker Punch and a host of new VR titles.

Did Sony put on a good show?Games Inbox: What did you think of Sony’s Paris Games Week event?

After a relatively quiet E3, and a no-show at Gamescom in August, Sony has used the previously obscure Paris Games Week to announce a range of new games, and to give a more detailed look at those we already know about.

The headline reveal was probably the new trailer for The Last Of Us Part II, but there were also new trailers for other announced games, which you can see below, including God Of War and Spider-Man.

Days Gone was noticeable by its absence though, which is interesting as not only did the game fail to impress at E3 but it looks increasingly similar to the new The Last Of Us Part II.

Ghost Of Tsushima

The biggest new announcement was a new game from inFamous developer Sucker Punch, who haven’t released a game since 2014. Now we know what they’ve been up to though: a new open world action stealth game called Ghost Of Tsushima.

It’s set during the Mongol invasions of Japan in the 13th century, and as you can see from the trailer looks properly beautiful.

Despite Japan’s enormous influence on the video games industry there’s never really been a definitive samurai simulator, so hopefully Sucker Punch, who are based in Washington state, can do better.

It certainly looks the part, but despite the developer being quiet for so long there’s still no hint of a release date.

Concrete Genie

One of the few games to get a confirmed 2018 release date, this is the new title from the creators of Entwined. That wouldn’t necessarily fill us with a lot of confidence, except the debut trailer looked really good. As you can see, it involves a young tyke with some sort of magic paintbrush, which he uses to create living murals on the side of buildings.

Despite what you might assume from the way the cursor looks the game is apparently controlled solely via the DualShock controller, with no mention so far of PlayStation Move. Not only is the game very pretty but we like the look of the puzzles too, with the various things you create being able to interact with the real world by creating electricity or fire.


Judging by the trailer Erica seems to be some sort of Until Dawn style choose your adventure game, but with the gimmick that it uses live action video instead of rendered graphics (no, we didn’t realise that from watching the trailer either).

The interface to control the game is your smartphone, rather than a normal controller, as part of Sony’s new PlayLink initiative. It’s a clear attempt to attract non-gamers, with what the developer describes as ‘backseat gaming’ but which more experienced gamers may know as a (barely) interactive movie.

PlayStation VR

Sony had already given an unexpected amount of time to PlayStation VR games at the Tokyo Game Show and they doubled down on it here, with an impressive list of forthcoming titles, even if most of them are by indie developers.

We might have missed a couple, but this included Ace Combat 7, Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition, Rec Room, Moss, Apex Construct, Bow To Blood, Stifled, Sprint Vector, Smash Hit Plunder, Star Child, Transference, Ultrawings (a blatant Pilotwings clone), Dead Wins, Eden Tomorrow, and Monster Of The Deep.

Sony is publishing some of them, but their London Studio is also working on the new game Blood & Truth. This looks to be inspired by their work on PlayStation VR Worlds, specifically The London Heist segment. This was always the best bit of the compendium, and Blood & Truth seems to feature a similar mix of mockney characters and first person action. It’s also the closest we’re ever likely to get to a new Getaway game.


The final new reveal was different to the others in that it’s not a PlayStation exclusive, but it is the first anyone’s heard of Codemasters’ new racing game. As you can see from the trailer it doesn’t appear very bothered about being a simulation, and features a mix of motorbikes and buggies.

If it seems reminiscent of MotorStorm then there’s a good reason for that: it’s by the same team and seems to be intended very much as a spiritual successor. (Sony shut down Evolution Studios after the problems with Driveclub, and sold them to Codemasters last year.) Onrush is destined to be released next summer for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Sony also took the opportunity to highlight some other multiformat games, including Far Cry 5, Monster Hunter: World (which on the PlayStation 4 lets you play as Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn), Call Of Duty: WWII’s (whose DLC launches a month early on PlayStation 4), Star Wars: Battlefront II, and the first expansion pack for Destiny 2.

Curse Of Osiris will be out on December 5 on all formats (including PC), and it looks like all the previously leaked information about it being set on Mercury is correct.

We’ll skip over Detroit: Become Human, from the maker of Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, and instead say that Insomniac’s Spider-Man game is looking better every time we see it. Despite what is indisputably the ugliest looking costume in superhero history. It’s just a shame the game’s been delayed into next year.

God Of War is also looking good, and we say that despite despising the character. We’d much prefer the soft reboot had been about killing Kratos, not controlling him, but it looks like he might be in for some interesting character development as he learns to become a father.

Finally, there were quick peeks at Horizon Zero Dawn DLC The Frozen Wilds, which despite some trademark problems doesn’t seem to have had a name change, and more on the unasked for, but still welcome, Shadow Of The Colossus remake.

Oh, and before the main press event began there was also an announcement for Spelunky 2. Which makes an impressive line-up from Sony, especially as the majority of games were exclusive. And we can’t help noticing they’re also mostly single-player as well…

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