National Sandwich Day: 7 quirky sandwich fillings you should try


National Sandwich Day: 7 fillings you need to try
We love sandwiches. (Picture: Getty)

We are all prone to slapping a piece of ham between two slices of bread and shoving it in our mouth.

Mostly known as a ‘quick’ lunch, or a ‘packed’ lunch or even a ‘boring’ lunch.

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Well, this National Sandwich Day, I urge you to put down the cheese and pickle and enter into the world of weird and wonderful sandwich fillings.

Why not try wrapping your gob around one of these.

1. The ultimate crisp sandwich

National Sandwich Day: 7 fillings you need to try
Tom Herbert’s ultimate crisp sandwich (Picture: Quickes/Tom Herbert)

Oh sweet carbs; how delicious it is to stick crisps between two pieces of bread and bite into that crunchy haven.

Baker Tom Herbert has created his ultimate crisp sandwich, comprising of cheese, beetroot, crisps and thick butter.

You can make it yourself here.

2. Strawberry sandwich

Strawberry Sandwich
Strawberry sandwich (Picture: Getty)

Brioche, strawberries and sugar; this is a Wimbledon classic with bread.

Give it a go here.

3. Jerk spiced beancake and coconut wrap

National Sandwich Day: 7 fillings you need to try
Jerk spiced vegan beancake sandwich (Picture: Mama’s Jerk Deptford Market Yard)

Having just passed World Vegan Day, this sweet potato and coconut wrap is a delectably current recipe.

Including bean patties and jerk marinade, this Caribbean vegan fusion will have you reaching for more.

Recipe by Adrian Luckie, owner of Mama’s Jerk in Deptford Market Yard.

4. Deep-fried jam sandwich

National Sandwich Day: 7 fillings you need to try
Deep-fried jam sandwich from Treacle in Edinburgh (Picture: Treacle)

This recipe brings together sweet deep-fried brioche, with sticky strawberry jam and a scoop of cool vanilla ice cream.

It doesn’t sound weird to me; sounds so good I’m salivating.

5. Grilled vegetables and walnuts

National Sandwich Day: 7 fillings you need to try
Grilled vegetable sandwich with walnut aioli (Picture: California Walnuts)

One for the veggies and a surprisingly delicious combo.

We all know about garlic aioli, but give this walnut version a try.

Make it yourself here.

6. Poached eggs, anchovies and chia seeds on rye bread

An unusual offering from food and fitness blogger @adam__eats.

Nothing odd about poached eggs on rye – but with anchovies, beetroot and chia seeds?

7. Pear and blue-cheese toasties

National Sandwich Day: 7 fillings you need to try
Stilton and pear toasts (Picture: Roberts)

Very appropriate as we enter the winter months, as the supermarket shelves are full of blue cheese.

Eat like this for a fancy open sandwich.

Or pop another piece of bread on top if you like your sandwich to stay together.

Recipe by Roberts Bakery.

Bryony is a journalist and major foodie who lives with Crohn’s Disease. She talks endlessly about food and health over at @abellyfullofbryony.

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