Maher: ‘Democrats Are Blowing It’ on Terrorism, ‘Liberals Are Defending Illiberal Tactics’

byIan Hanchett3 Nov 20170

On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher criticized President Trump’s response to the terrorist attack in New York City while also saying he has no idea what the Democratic Party’s position on terrorism is and worried Democrats are “blowing it” on the issue.

Maher stated, “[O]f course, Trump immediately flew into action and tweeted that it wasn’t his fault. And at moments like that, I just hate him so much. And his Muslim ban is a terrible way to handle this, right? I mean, it’s not effective. It’s un-American. It is bigoted. But I also don’t know what the Democratic position is. I mean, I saw their responses. It was all about how Trump handled it badly, which is true. But, it didn’t address the issue itself. And, I’ve said this many times, I just think the Democrats are blowing it on this issue. terrorism is a real concern to people.”

Later on, Maher suggested Democrats not only denounce acts of Islamic extremist terrorism, but the beliefs behind them. He added that “liberals are defending illiberal tactics.”

He concluded by suggesting treating gender apartheid in Saudi Arabia or the way gay people are treated like race apartheid in South Africa.

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