John Wick creator working on Hitman TV show

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John Wick creator working on Hitman TV show
Third time lucky for a live action Hitman?

Io-Interactive have been talking about their future plans for Hitman, as they reveal they still own the rights to Freedom Fighters.

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For no reason that we can imagine someone is trying to make a live action Hitman again. But after two separate movies this will a TV show on Hulu.

How an emotionless, almost personality-free, hitman, who stars in very slow-paced stealth adventures, became one of the most frequently filmed video game characters we don’t know. But at least this new project has some proper talent behind the camera.

According to Deadline the pilot script will be written by Derek Kolstad, creator and writer of the John Wick films.

Kolstad will then become executive producer on the series, if it gets made, with the intention to stick closer to the games’ mythology.

Speaking of the games, Hitman: Season One was recently re-released after Io split from owners Square Enix and returned to being and independent studio.

They’ve already confirmed they have plans for a second season of the game, and the Deadline report mentions them working on a second. Although that could easily be a mistake on their part.


What isn’t though, is that Io still own the rights to 2003 cult classic Freedom Fighters – as confirmed in an interview with

There’s no real hint that they plan to make another game in the series, or a remaster, but this proves they could if they want to.

For some reason Square Enix kept the licences for Kane & Lynch and Mini Ninjas, although we doubt there’s any chance they’ll do anything with them.

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