GOP Rep Gohmert: 38-Year-Old Allegations Against Roy Moore ‘Grossly Unfair’

byJeff Poor14 Nov 20170

Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “Outnumbered Overtime,” Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) told host Harris Faulkner there were reasons that the decades-old allegations levied at former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore by multiple individuals were “grossly unfair.”

Gohmert, a former Texas district judge, said the distance of time between the accusers coming forward and in the throes of a general election campaign make it difficult for Moore to mount a defense.

“[I] would submit though when you bring up charges 38 years later — I mean I’ve have prosecuted rape. I have sentenced many rapists to prison. It’s just an absolutely horrendous crime — but we also allow into evidence how quickly you had outcried. That can go to the jury. And when someone waits 38 years, I can’t imagine a jury not being completely suspicious.”

“Yes, we understand — there’s all kinds of pressure,” he continued. “It’s tough to bring these things up. But to wait 38 years, right before an election, it does raise really interesting questions. Anybody can accuse you of something 38 years ago, and Harris, you’re not going to be able to find witnesses that will establish exactly where you were at that moment. If they raised allegations within months then you could — and I’m sure Roy Moore could find ‘Was I in somebody’s court at that time?’ But you bring it up 38 years later and say, ‘Here are the specifics,’ people don’t remember 38 years ago specifics to counter. So I think it is grossly unfair.”

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