Getting bored of the same old video game franchises – Reader’s Feature

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Getting bored of the same old video game franchises - Reader’s Feature
Call Of Duty: WWII – one sequel too far?

A reader tries to work out what causes him to finally give up on a favourite franchise, including Assassin’s Creed and Call Of Duty.

I think gaming loyalty to some franchises can certainly wear off over time. Take me for example. Over the last decade I have been playing Call Of Duty and Assassin’s Creed, amongst other titles. I mainly played Call Of Duty for the over-the-top action set pieces and Assassin’s Creed out of habit. I played the original, it was OK if a little dull, then the sequel came out and blew it out of the water for enjoyable gaming and characters. That was maybe the pinnacle. Then III came out, which I tried for a bit and didn’t bother with because I had realised that nothing was new until Black Flag.

True, it still had the god awful stealth and following missions but it had the ship. If it wasn’t for the ships I would have bypassed it entirely. The ships and the shanties. Good times. Then came Rogue; which got about 10 minutes before I decided nope, I’m done. I haven’t touched the series since, aside from an hour on the London one which was speedily given back. I am willing to give a new Assassin’s Creed another go if they would mix the open world exploring with more Tenchu style assassination missions. The series needs a major overhaul and maybe a pivot to a more first person shooter style game, because there can’t be much left to do apart from change the time periods.

Call Of Duty is a different matter. The last game I played was the Kevin Spacey one. After I had played through that I was done. Never again will Call Of Duty enter my console even though the trailers for the new WWII game look fantastic and some bits reminded me of the film Fury. I know deep down it will be the same. Some great set pieces, but a lot of dying from ghost bullets from unseen enemies and frustration from getting stuck in one section or another. I have decided that my teeth are more important than seeing how the next Call Of Duty campaign missions play out.

The new Battlefield game, a game series I have played online for a combined total of reaching, if not surpassing, a thousand hours combined just bored me. I love Battlefield but Battlefield 1 did nothing for me. It was too slow and made me yearn for 3, or even worse Battlefield 4, so I decided to chin the lot as it took too much time away from other games I should be playing. I don’t know if I will ever go back to a Battlefield game now. As much as I love the combat, it is a massive time suck.

I think that burn out plays a part in my case in particular. Borderlands 1 and 2 were fantastic fun in co-op and I put in probably 100+ in those games, but when it came to the Pre-Sequel, I don’t know. Both my mate and I couldn’t muster the enthusiasm to get much further than the first few missions. We keep saying that we should go back on it but it just doesn’t seem to happen.

I think I might also be tiring of GTA. I have played every version aside from GTA London. This one is tough though. I love the game when I’m playing it, apart from the still awful foot controls, and GTA IV was bad, but after I complete the game I am overcome with a ‘Is that it?’ moment. This might be a separate issue though, perhaps it’s more of a problem that I have nothing left to do in the world and I can’t go back until the next one. This might be more of a withdrawal issue than anything else, dunno.

Saying that though, my love of the three good Batman games doesn’t seem to have (Bruce) waned. I have went through them all multiple times, even in New Game+, and my enjoyment seems to stay the same. I loathe Origins, so it is not in the collection, and Origins Blackgate is a work in progress as it seems to be purposely confusing in its level design. So I can only play for a few minutes at time before frustration kicks in.

Could be the issues mentioned above make games series that get cancelled seem more appealing due to the fact that they are now consigned to the digital bin. Games like Dead Space will always have a spot on my shelf because I know there will be no more, and even though the third game wasn’t anywhere near the quality of the first two it will remain in my top lists because the series hasn’t been around long enough to make me hate it.

I wonder now if it is because I play multiple games. People who play Dota and League Of Legends, and even World Of Warcraft, surely must get times where they hate what they’re doing but they still pile thousands of hours into just one title and will play little else. Is it a case of too much choice that makes me tired of one game or another? I still enjoy Resident Evil so why haven’t I grown to dislike that series? I don’t know how my brain works, does anyone else feel like this or am I an anomaly in the matrix?

By reader bobwallett

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