Games Inbox: WWII video game resurgence, Super Mario Odyssey honesty, and Need For Speed Payback

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Games Inbox: Do you want to see more WWII video games?
Is WWII going to be the next big thing, again?

The morning Inbox suggests buying 4K monitors instead of TVs, as one reader tries to play new games without patches.

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Call of Thrones

So with Call Of Duty: WWII being an unqualified success does this mean that WWII games in general are going to make a comeback? You couldn’t move for them 15 years ago, but considering how games companies don’t let any good idea go uncopied are we now going to be deluged with Second World War shooters, strategy games, and the rest? I hope not to be honest. I can see why Call Of Duty went there but I think that had more to do with the state of the franchise than any great interest in historical warfare.

Sci-fi settings have been pretty dominant the last few years though so I do feel a shift is coming. Maybe back to modern day, which has been weirdly missing from shooters lately (because of course having a nice variety would risk missing out on a fad) but that is kind of half sci-fi in itself nowadays.

I’d like to see more of a fantasy take. With Game of Thrones so popular it’s weird that it’s had virtually no influence on games. But then I guess maybe just add that to the list alongside superheroes and Fast & Furious. It wouldn’t be a shooter but I’m sure there’s a way to do a medieval action game with a few fantasy elements, rather than a straight role-playing game. Kind of like a modern version of a scrolling beat ‘em-up, or is it just me that thinks that’s a good idea?

And another thing…

Your Need For Speed Payback review chimed with my EA Access experience of it. I couldn’t see the free 10 hours to the end. Also in the underwhelming drawer is Star Wars: Battlefront II. The single-player levels were unremarkable and the multiplayer felt as unsatisfying as the last Battlefront. For me, there isn’t much to enjoy under the top coat of Star Wars. Add in the constant messing about with crates, slots, and cards and both these games aren’t much fun.

While I’m sticking the boot in, I may as well take a pop at the Xbox One X. It will never make sense for anyone to make a game that takes advantage of its power. Forget that the PlayStation 4 is the lead format for developers, even Microsoft can’t justify making a game that isn’t for the 30 million Xbox ones already in the wild by sidelining them. The console will just end up being an expensive way of getting a bit of a graphical upgrade and I don’t think that’s good enough from a consumer point of view.

What use is extra power when the console gaming industry seems intent on making glorified mobile games with the aim of leveraging extra money from their customers?

I think I need a lie down now.

Honest opinion

I’m sure your man Anon will receive some negative feedback for his submission where he discussed offloading his Switch due to his disappointment at Super Mario Odyssey.

For balance though I’ll stick up for him, as I have fond memories of binning off my Xbox 360 because BioShock was just System Shock with HD polish. And trading in my PlayStation 4, as Grand Theft Auto V wasn’t doing it for me due to it not being the first iteration of the series I’d played in 3D. Also, the sections with Trevor were just trying to be edgy and he controlled like s***.

Obviously I’m being very flippant. He/she is perfectly entitled to form their own opinion and you shouldn’t put anything on so high a pedestal that it’s beyond scrutiny.

GC: He hasn’t had any negative feedback. Probably because, unlike the people that wrote in previously, he’d clearly played the game.

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Incomplete Edition

Long-time readers may be familiar with my experiences regarding games played offline in the condition that they were physical purchased, with no mention of online needs on the packaging, and then played offline without any updates or download patches. I hope to give an honest account of the state of software reflecting its ‘complete’ condition regarding consumer rights.

I have recently been playing Pillars Of Eternity ‘complete’ edition and have begun to encounter game-ruining glitches when playing the White March content (in my playthrough). These take the form of erased saves, missing characters, and unending combat mode – making the game now unplayable. The game itself is long enough to gain sufficient playability without these missions (although other problems may arise depending on your playthrough). I hope anyone without access to the Internet, or that expects that after paying for a complete product to receive one, may not be disappointed by what is still a somewhat small genre on the PlayStation 4.

I will end this on a positive note, with the hope that the age of standalone software has some time left, and I will endeavour to play autonomously for as long as permitted.

As seen on TV

Sorry if readers already know this but there is some game coverage on TV, on the Gadget Show each week they have a five minute gaming segment with news and the latest releases. Sky Swipe on Sky News channel each weekend covers the latest games and you can watch previous episodes on YouTube.

Also, BBC Click on the BBC News channel cover games sometimes too, which you can watch previous episodes on BBC iPlayer.
Andrew J.

TV alternative

On the topic of 4K. Monitors are an alternative to TVs for gaming. Although often are much smaller they are also more affordable.

They also often have fast response time and technology such as FreeSync (I believe the Xbox One X is compatible with version 2) or G-Sync, which reduces screen-tearing. Samsung now offer QLED monitors which are 4K as well.
PS: I plan to write a Reader’s Feature on DIY cloud gaming on apps such as Moonlight, Remotr, and the upcoming Rainway (which might get released on Switch).

GC: We’d certainly welcome that, thanks.

Two is enough

RE: Bobwallett and PlayStation 3. I got my PlayStation 3 late on as I’d always had Xbox 360s, but it was worth it just for two games. Both Ni No Kuni and Valkyria Chronicles were so different to what I usually play, but I got so much enjoyment from them.

While I am writing, can I just say thank you to GameCentral for such a great read every day. None of my mates like games so it is my only contact with other gamers.

GC: Thank you for reading.

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Failure to deliver

I pre-ordered an Xbox One X Scorpio Edition from Amazon when they were first made available a few months ago. Like many who ordered it on Amazon, it didn’t arrive on launch day. Then I was sent an apologetic email stating it would arrive on Wednesday instead.

I was waiting at home on the new delivery date, when at 11.34am I received an email from Amazon Logistics that the driver had left the item with my neighbour, Thomas at six. I was puzzled as to how I could’ve missed the driver. I had heard nobody knock the door. Moreover, the Thomases live at four, not six. They’re an elderly couple in their 70s to 80s and they said nobody left any parcel with them.

Furthermore, the Thomases told me that the couple who actually live at number six aren’t even in during the day. But I knocked on their door anyway, and there was no reply – all the above happened less than 30 minutes after the delivery time stated in the email.

So I visited number six that evening when the owners were home and the wife confirmed that they had no parcel and that nobody was home in the day, anyway.

On and off during the rest of the day and evening, I went around most of the neighbouring houses, asking if they had received the parcel but they all said no. So that evening, I contacted Amazon Customer Care and they said they’d look into the matter.

As it happened, the following day Amazon Logistics were delivering another parcel to me. The driver knocked loudly on the front door (as all delivery people do), and after handing me the parcel, as he was about to walk away, I asked him if he’d attempted to make a delivery at this address yesterday. He just muttered, shrugging his shoulders and started grinning, vaguely muttering he didn’t know, glancing away.

I was a bit taken aback by his strange, evasive manner. I started explaining it’d been delivered to another address, but he then asked me if that was my name on the parcel he’d just given me, I said yes, and he walked off. Very odd.

I then emailed Amazon Customer Care about the driver, and today (Friday) they emailed me to refund my money. No explanation about what had happened to the console, though.

I don’t know if anyone else has had this kind of thing happen to them with Amazon, but I was very disappointed not to receive the Scorpio. As you know, it was a limited edition and I’m betting someone in the delivery chain knew exactly what it was being delivered and stole it, especially as I see the model now being sold at inflated prices online.

I’m certainly never buying an expensive item via Amazon ever again.
Jon Edwards

Inbox also-rans

Is anyone else shocked at how quickly loot boxes have blown up as an issue? There we all were prising the best year for games ever and bam! The games industry snatches defeat from the jaws of victory. Of all the things they have to take from Nintendo why did it have to be the passion for self-destruction?
Metal Lord

My eight-year-old daughter has put the Tamagotchi at the top of her Xmas list! So far I have been unable to find a genuine one available to buy? Do you have any advice?
Louise croft

GC: Bandai Namco partnered with Smyths in the UK, so you can find all the recent retro re-releases here.

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Did the game ever get a sequel and what is the status of the franchise today? If it could be remade how would you want it to be handled, and what if anything would you change?

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