Games Inbox: The Last Of Us Part II violence, Assassin’s Creed Origins praise, and Square Enix’s Avengers

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Games Inbox: Was The Last Of Us Part II’s trailer too violent?
The Last Of Us Part II – was this really the best way to promote it?

The morning Inbox celebrates the magic of peak Nintendo, as one reader congratulates Sony for its VR support.

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Ads for adults

I’m actually kind of glad to see such a backlash to the new Last Of Us Part II trailer. I agree with everything the previous reader said and I shake my head at the people saying that it’s a ‘game for adults’ and the world was just as violent in the first game. That’s not the point. I loved the original and will almost certainly get the sequel, and will expect it to be very grim and violent.

The complaint is that that was such a bizarre scene to promote it with. There was absolutely no story context, so all you ended up doing was watching five minutes of people being tortured, and in one case killed. A trailer for a horror movie wouldn’t just be a few minutes of completely out of context violence, and the disturbing thing about this is that you had all the people in the audience cheering it all on. As if watching a woman being hit with a hammer was a perfectly normal source of entertainment.

Detroit: Become Human was almost as bad, although given the David Cage angle I couldn’t really take it seriously, but to have all this simulated suffering wedged in between Spider-Man was really odd. Adult games deserve to have adult themes and violence, but they also need adult forms of marketing. This was anything but.

The missing samurai

It is odd how Japan has never managed to make a proper samurai game. I struggle to think of times they even tried. There were the Way Of The Samurai games, but they were always super low budget and not very good. There was the Yakuza games we never got in the West, and err… Bushido Blade I guess. Like I said, almost nothing.

It seems strange because a lot of Japanese games aren’t shy about featuring Japanese culture and a lot of role-players and other games feature fantasy versions of samurai and ninja. But they never seem to want to do portray the real thing.

I can only assume they either don’t think it will sell at home (which seems unlikely) or that it wouldn’t be popular in the West. But the fact that I can think of more decent Western made samurai games (used to love Lords Of The Rising Sun and Shogun: Total War) than I can Japanese is weird.

Leading by example

I hope that all the VR games Sony showed this week finally gets people to stop saying they’re not giving it proper support. I think they’ve done very considering how niche the hardware is and how expensive it must be to make games just for PlayStation VR, with probably little hope of getting your money back. Add in all the indie games and there are tons of games available in just one year and as far as I can see Sony are doing much more than Oculus or Valve to encourage new games and publish indie developers.

This is a marathon not a sprint and while lots of people were predicting VR would go the way of the PS Vita I’d say it was anything but that so far. Of course I’d like to see more big budget games but I’m sure I’ll see that happen as the number of people with a headset slowly increase with time. Rather than Sony I’d like to see more third party publishers support it. Resident Evil 7 already seems a long time ago.

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If it ain’t broke

I’m absolutely gutted about how Wolfenstein II has done, because I’m playing it now and it’s absolutely fantastic. I knew it was going to get crushed by Assassin’s Creed but selling less than half the original? I’m really worried now we won’t get the third game. I just don’t understand why they didn’t release it May again. That obviously worked for the first one, so why change it?

And the same day as two other massive games and just a few weeks after their own Evil Within 2? It makes no sense to me. I just hope we get an end to Bethesda’s ridiculous review policy now. It’s clearly damaging them badly but I get the impression they’re too proud to admit it.

But to anyone that’s on the fence I can say that the game is absolutely worth it and if you show your support now, rather than waiting till it hits the bargain bins, you’ll be giving it the much needed help it deserves.

Heroes as a service

Completely agree with GC’s desires for a ‘proper’ Batman game. I still can’t believe that Arkham Knight went with another excuse for having no ordinary civilians in Gotham. I thought that was going to be the ultimate Batman game, but in the end the dumb story and endless Batmobile sections made it the worst of the whole series. I imagine the next one will be some sort of weird spin-off, like Batman Beyond, and we’ll never see the character do his normal thing.

I hope that Square Enix’s Marvel games manage to make a decent big budget action game out of things, but I have a horrible feeling that all their talk of ‘games as a service’ was in direct reference to the Avengers game and whatever else they’re planning.

Think about it: all those different characters and abilities. It’s not hard to imagine how they’ll try to turn that into an online game. Add in new costumes and powers via loot boxes and the whole thing writes itself. Or at least I imagine that’s what they think.

Alternative Creed

I’ve been playing through Assassin’s Creed Origins since I got it on Friday and have to say that I am loving it. I have to disagree with GC’s review though, and think that 6/10 is a little bit harsh and the criticisms that were made of the game even more so. In my opinion I think that taking a year out of the development cycle has really helped the game, with enough changes having been made to make the gameplay feel fresh without the game losing its Assassin’s Creed identity.

The combat is the biggest improvement and the addition of the dodge and parry abilities means that it now requires a bit of thought and planning, and removing the ability to run into a crowd and despatch enemies left right and centre using one or two buttons like you could in previous games.

The role-playing elements make the game a much more immersive experience, encouraging you to explore the world and tackle the side quests. The story is much better than your review suggested too. I don’t think that it’s a 10/10 but I’d say it is a solid 8/10 at least, and definitely the best Assassin’s Creed since Black Flag.
Rickie Ratpack (gamertag)/RIckandrolla (PSN ID)

Bigfoot’s favourite console

They exist! You can buy them (if you’re quick)! I’ve been after a Classic Mini SNES for months.

No available pre-orders and out of stock on release, and since then everywhere. I was poking around on ShopTo last Friday evening and there they were at the standard non-shark £80 price. Arrived Tuesday – time for some old skool gaming!
John J

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Peak Nintendo

I don’t know what the reverse of schadenfreude is but I am totally feeling it for Nintendo at the moment. All this stuff coming out about their sales is music to my ears and so completely deserved. I just hope that this current golden age last for a good few years. We all know they’ll mess up spectacularly eventually – I think it’s a necessary part of their cycle of failure and renewal – but the thought of two or three more years of peak Nintendo is just mouth-watering.

If they can pull of a Zelda: Breath Of The Wild/Super Mario Odyssey quality Metroid I will be over the moon. Add in a few more new IPs and then a decent Animal Crossing (that series is desperate for a proper revamp), Pikmin, and a drastically different Splatoon and I’ll be in Nintendo heaven.

I almost look forward to the bad period after that though, when the haters will crawl out from under their stones again and demand Nintendo go third party and are doomed. You’d think after over 100 years that they only one that can doom Nintendo is Nintendo themselves, but they always come back!

Inbox also-rans

I cannot wait for GC’s review of Detroit: Become Human. Even as someone that quite liked Heavy Rain (but not Beyond: Two Souls) everything I’ve seen so far just looks so heavy-handed and embarrassing.
Onion Knight

I wonder what happened to Days Gone in the Sony event. I thought it was meant to be out early next year? What’s the betting it’s going to come back with added multiplayer and loot boxes?

This week’s Hot Topic

The subject for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader Steve, who asks what’s the first thing you do with a new game?

Do you have any kind of ritual for when you get a new game, in terms of when and how you play it? Are there certain options you always change before you start and how do you choose how to select the difficulty? Do you always start a new game as soon as you get it or do you have a system when it comes to your backlog?

How many games do you generally have on the go at once and do you have any rules for when you buy them, such as waiting for patches or discounts? How long do you keep the playing the game for – just until the end or once you’ve completed 100% of it?

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