Games Inbox: Devil May Cry 5 rumours, Battlefront II review policy, and Sonic Forces comparison

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Games Inbox: Do you think there’ll ever be a Devil May Cry 5?
Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition – is it time for a comeback?

The evening Inbox is worried at how quickly Sony is turning off servers for its games, as one reader gives up buying loot boxes.

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Unsubstantiated rumours

So I’ve been reading some rumours on Reddit (I know! I know!) and they say that Devil May Cry 5 is going to be announced at PSX next month. It’s just some guy, and I’m not surprised you haven’t picked up on it (in fact I’m glad you haven’t) but the info is fairly detailed and, most importantly, I want it to be true.

It says you can play as Dante, Vergil, and Nero and they’ll be their old versions not the reboot.

The same game also claims that SoulCalibur VI is coming to PlayStation 4 and Switch and will also be at PSX. While apparently the Pokémon game on Switch is being turned into a new mainline sequel instead of just a port.

Like I say, it’s probably all just made up, but it’s interesting if you want to look here. There might not be any new games in December but I’m looking forward to the new announcements.

Additional help

So Star Wars: Battlefront II looks like being a total disaster. I don’t know what to make of the reviews so far, and I get the impression the reviewers don’t know either. It seems an impossible situation all round and that chaos, unfortunately, plays right into EA’s hands.

What do you think your review will be up, GC? And can I ask that you don’t use any microtransactions in the game in order to get more cards quickly. I worry that these people that have been at review events and whatever are given free credit and additional help that those of use that just buy the base game won’t have.

Although I don’t know why I’m even still interested to be honest. Having to dance around the fact that the game wants to help you cheat the more money you give it is disgusting. In fact having just written that I think I’ve given up any last hope of buying it!

GC: We’re probably aiming for Thursday. We won’t be buying any additional loot boxes for our review, other than those earnt through normal play. That’s always our policy.

Side by side

I’d like to call Sonic Forces being bad a disappointment but that would imply I had any illusion that it was ever going to be better than mediocre, and it doesn’t even seem to have managed that. Another case, since it was mentioned recently, of seemingly everyone but the games companies being able to predict an obvious outcome.
The problem is of course that Sonic Mania was great, and while I realise that Sonic Forces was already underway by then seeing the two of them side by side is just depressing. But maybe Sonic Forces being bad and a flop is important. Maybe that’s the best thing that could’ve happened?

By putting the two side-to-side surely Sega will see which has worked out better and change their future plans accordingly? Surely? Or will they just can any more Mania games just to avoid it making their 3D games look bad? I know that’s what EA would do.

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The only reality that matters

Will you be reviewing Skyrim VR? And if so when do you expect to post the review. I’m really interested to see how it turns out.

I’ve been impressed, but not overly so, with the games built for VR. What has sold me on VR so far is the transformative effect it has had on non-VR games like Resident Evil 7, Thumper, and Elite Dangerous. I can’t play these games outside of VR now, it’s simply not the same.

I’m hoping Skyrim VR and Fallout VR work and sell well as it may mean more non-VR games of the past and future getting VR versions. I still think we are long way from someone financing a triple-A scale game for VR only.
Simundo Jones

GC: We will review it, but the Switch version of Skyrim will be first. There’s a preview of the VR version here.

Gaming unplugged

I know EA are usually the worst, but since they’re in trouble for other things at the moment I thought I’d write in about how Sony are switching off the online servers for Gravity Rush 2 exactly a year after it was released. I think that’s the quickest I’ve ever seen it for any video game.

Now obviously Gravity Rush 2 has not been a hit (I can’t believe they made it even, although I’m glad they did) and the online options are not integral to the game (although they are fun, especially the treasure hunts) but this still seems extreme to me.

Once again you have to wonder what’s going to happen to all these games in years to come. If I want to play an old SNES game I can just get the console out and it plays just the same as it ever did. I don’t even want to imagine how few PlayStation 4 games are going to work in 20 years time when all the servers have long since been switched off.

Stairs are hard

RE: Jon Edwards. Last year I had a couple of strange experiences with Amazon delivery. Both times I got an email saying that my package had been left with a neighbour, which I thought was strange as I was at home both times and there definitely hadn’t been a knock or ring on the doorbell. When I looked to see which neighbour the packages had been left with it got even stranger, as rather than being left with the people either side of my flat they were instead left with people on the ground floor (I’m on the fifth).

One of the times I went to collect the neighbour handed me about four packages and told me to pick mine (he was elderly and seemed to have trouble making out the labels) – the others were all for different flats, none of which were on the ground floor.

It seemed pretty obvious that the delivery driver just couldn’t be bothered to take the stairs, and so had just dumped his packages for the entire block at the nearest convenient flat. I sent Amazon an email about this and they eventually got back saying they would ‘look into it’ and offering me a £5 voucher.

In fairness it hasn’t happened again since, but I did wonder at the time whether it was just a one off, or if other people had experienced something similar. Luckily I’ve never had something as valuable as a limited edition console disappear, that would really drive me nuts.
Sparky the Yak

Amazonian conspiracy

That’s very kind of Anon offering to sell me his spare Scorpio, but unfortunately I’ve since gone and bought a standard Xbox One X. Still, that was an amazing offer.

As for reader DjKJ’s similar experiences with Amazon, it’s certainly alarming and I’ve no doubt that the privately contracted drivers, or at least someone somewhere within that chain, are stealing the products. Maybe even an organised scam going on there with some contractors.
Jon Edwards

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Giving it up

Just thought I would chip in about this whole loot box issue that is plaguing us all at the moment. I do think that it is exploitative to people, particularly young adults, to lock content away behind a pay structure to access certain characters or items, etc. When really in years gone by you played the games – maybe played through two or three times – and you unlocked all the items anyway. To me that is acceptable, that is playing a game and then it’s up to you where you stop in your quest for unlockables, whereas buying loot boxes and gambling on the outcome effectively becomes dead money once you stop playing the game.

I am speaking as somebody who used to be part of the problem – just a few years ago I would occasionally buy PES coins in order to further the quantity of Top Agent players I could get – this was the loot box part as it would be a random lottery as to whether you got a decent Gold player or Superstar Black Ball player. Back then I had disposable income due to not yet having kids, but even after a few times buying these coins I did wonder what on earth was I doing.

I could hold my own online at PES, I would get beaten occasionally but I had won some online tournaments so really, I didn’t need to throw money at a virtual player lottery. And I realised that if I just played the game I would earn enough coins after a couple of games to buy a new player anyway. I stopped doing it and I haven’t done so since and I would hope that others see through this questionable practice and stop buying these things too.

You pay anywhere between £30 to £60 and upwards for a game these days, surely that is enough. You’re not giving something back to the developer at all, you already gave them your money – play the game, play to the best of your ability and just have fun! Ahhhh that feels therapeutic. I am Richard and I am a recovering loot boxer!
Richard Hyde
PS: On an unrelated note I will do a reader’s review of Friday The 13th: The Game once some of the new features and updates come in if that’s OK with you GC.I am playing it at the moment and enjoying it so far, and think the extra content would be worth an extra review.

GC: Definitely, we’d welcome that.

Inbox also-rans

Just to let everyone know there’s a PlayStation open multiplayer event starting tomorrow where you can game online with having PlayStation Plus! I also have an Ultraviolet code for Wonder Woman if anyone wants it!
LastYearsModel09 (PSN ID)

GC: That’s very good of you, we’ll pass it on in the usual Inbox-letters-for-codes manner.

Is that guy serious? A PlayStation 3 brand new with GTA V at Asda for £40? Anyone seen any? Anybody know of any in stores near or in Leeds?

GC: He seemed to be serious. Here’s a store locator for you.

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What game do you really love but which nobody else seems to have heard of, or unfairly dismisses? Was the game financially successful and what kind of reviews did it get? Does your opinion go against the majority or is it just because the game is really obscure?

Did the game ever get a sequel and what is the status of the franchise today? If it could be remade how would you want it to be handled, and what if anything would you change?

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