Games Inbox: Call Of Duty: WWII launch, Battlefield: Bad Company 3 hopes, and more Wolfenstein II love

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Games Inbox: How hyped are you for Call Of Duty: WWII?
Call Of Duty: WWII – it’s almost upon us

The morning Inbox debates whether games publishers have any goal beyond making money, as one reader asks for a Call Of Cthulhu update.

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Young man’s game

So Call Of Duty: WWII is out this Friday and I’m not feeling the hype, even though I have it pre-order. It looks good, and I’m sure I’ll enjoy it, but I feel like maybe I’m not the target audience anymore? I remember playing Call Of Duty 4 at college almost non-stop and have picked up all of the other games, although not always at launch, ever since.

The last couple of years things seem to have been on the wane but I think everyone agrees the new one looks like a return to form. But yet I don’t really know anyone that’s excited about it. Is it just that Call Of Duty is more of a teenager’s game and I’m just supposed to have grown out of it? I’m not so old now that my reactions have gone or anything, but I think the problem is I’ve stayed the same and my friends have grown up more – got kids or just busy with work.

It’s ironic that with all these 18-rated games that almost seems like the maximum age limit rather than the minimum. Games might be for all ages but I’m not sure online shooters are.

Obvious choice

I don’t think DICE has any choice but to make the next Battlefield be Bad Company 3. I don’t see the point in another random modern day game set in the Middle East but I think there’s a lot of fan demand for another Bad Company and it’s still has the best story mode they’ve ever done. Plus, I really hope it doubles down on the destruction effects like those old games as they’ve become a joke in the last few games.

WWII and Vietnam have been done to death so I think the only other option that makes sense is something like the Korean War. I could see that, but the problem there is it’d end up being super serious again and the other benefit of Bad Company is that it could be really funny at times with some great characters. I’ll be a little shocked if it’s not what they announced but let’s see. And let’s hope it’s not filled with loot boxes (it will be).
The Bishop

Noble monkey-making

RE: The industry going all microtransactions, pay to win, and the death of single-player games. Yes, these skullduggeries exist but such vampiric corporates are not the only sources of games. Other developers like Rockstar, Nintendo, and From for example seem to have nobler intentions.

I find it hard to believe that Red Dead Redemption 2, and whatever From and Nintendo are working on, will follow EA’s murky path. Single-player games without withheld content, sneaky tactics, and leechy algorithms will be released.
Chevy_Malibu (PSN ID)
PS: I’ve read about the Nintendo shareholder who allegedly proposed, ‘make ’em pay to make Mario jump higher’. Thankfully he was denied and hopefully ordered outside with a rusty blade.

GC: It doesn’t seem fair to call publishers vampiric, when, as a reader pointed out yesterday, they’re being so clearly encouraged by the buying habits of gamers. Also, GTA Online has lots of microtransactions. So if Red Dead Redemption 2 has a similar online component it almost certainly will too. And Super Mario Run badly underperformed, so it’s no surprise to find Nintendo’s subsequent mobile games all have in-app purchases.

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Late to the party

With all this EA news at the moment one snippet that seems to have fallen through the cracks is that they’ve said they’re waiting to see how the Switch does after it’s been out for a full year before they decide to do any more games. So in other words they won’t even think of starting something else until March. Which in turn means they most they could hope to have for next Christmas is some kind of quick port.

I really do find it hilarious how bad EA is at hiding their contempt for Nintendo. I’m sure it’s not personal, but they two companies are the polar opposite and it’s funny to see them pretend otherwise. What EA are obviously upset about is that the Switch is a success without all the horrible games as a service stuff that they do, and are basically proving that you don’t need it.

It’s a shame in a way because a good Sims game would work really well on the Switch. And I imagine that’s what they’d do if they do do anything else. But they’re going to be so late to the party I be they just don’t bother.

Digging it

Lot of great games around at the moment but I’d just like to add a little bit of praise to SteamWorld Dig 2, which I imagine is probably getting overlooked in the Christmas rush. It got good reviews but it’s a really great mix between a Metroidvania and Spelunky. Really odd little mix that seems a bit simplistic at first but gets steadily more interesting the more you get into it.

I’ve been playing it on Switch, but it’s on most formats and not much more than a tenner. And no loot boxes! I can understand all the worry about what the big publishers are getting up to nowadays but for me indie games have been more interesting for a while now. Not to mention cheaper!

Leave them be

Interesting to see that there wasn’t really any favourite way to use a Switch in that study, with handheld mode not as dominant as I thought. Especially as its votes were lumped in with tabletop. I’ve heard some people say that Nintendo should release a handheld-only version and I can see them doing this one the 3DS dies down. Except maybe there isn’t really that much demand for it, based on this. And I don’t see how it would be that much cheaper, especially compared to the 3DS.

A lot of people like to tell Nintendo what they should and shouldn’t do but I think the lesson we should take away is to leave them be. Sometimes they make terrible mistake but even then they often lead to great things (would we have had the Switch without the failed experiment of the Wii U?). They might no always know best but I don’t think anyone else can out Nintendo the people themselves.

Black seas of infinity

Can you work your Inbox magic to find out if/when Cyanide’s Call Of Cthulhu horror role-playing game might be coming out, please?

I’ve been looking forward to it for ages, we got a video update a month or so ago, but its original release date, 31st October 2017, has just passed, with no news of a release date.

GC: The only update we have is sometime in 2018, but at least it hasn’t been cancelled.

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Hollywood synergy

Just finished Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus and it’s definitely one of my favourite games of all time, driven by emotion, and was worth every penny! Looks like there are some end game elements upon completion too.

Usually I’m not interested in the stories in video games so much and would rather just watch a movie. I play games to play them and not to watch cut scenes, but that had me watch every cut scene and was pretty funny as well as shocking, so bravo.

Speaking of movies, I think it was in September that you did a Hot Topic of what we would like to see converted from video game to movie. Was just thinking it might be an idea to do vice versa for a Hot Topic if it hasn’t been done before.

Was watching The Hidden from 1987 the other night and thought putting a body snatcher on a crime spree in a world like Grand Theft Auto V would be excellent. Just think of the stuff they could do with that for action and gameplay. If anyone hasn’t seen it go seek it out if you like action and sci-fi thrillers. The first 15 minutes is non-stop.
Nick The Greek

Inbox also-rans

Will you be reviewing The Frozen Lands DLC for Horizon Zero Dawn? I’m really looking forward to that. The Monster Hunter thing made me realise how much I miss Aloy.

GC: Yes, we just got our copy in yesterday, actually.

Did that guy who was saying Nintendo shouldn’t try to compete with Microsoft and Sony write in again? I’m curious to know what he meant.

GC: No, he hasn’t.

This week’s Hot Topic

The subject for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader Steve, who asks what’s the first thing you do with a new game?

Do you have any kind of ritual for when you get a new game, in terms of when and how you play it? Are there certain options you always change before you start and how do you choose how to select the difficulty? Do you always start a new game as soon as you get it or do you have a system when it comes to your backlog?

How many games do you generally have on the go at once and do you have any rules for when you buy them, such as waiting for patches or discounts? How long do you keep the playing the game for – just until the end or once you’ve completed 100% of it?

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