Classic Mini SNES back in stock at Nintendo UK for £80

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Classic Mini SNES back in stock at Nintendo UK for £80
Nintendo Classic Mini SNES – now you can actually buy it

A very special Black Friday miracle has occurred, as the mini Super Nintendo console is available to buy straight from the source.

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As already established, Nintendo don’t really do Black Friday. Most of their own deals revolve around discounts on Christmas jumpers, while the only good Switch bundle won’t go live until 3pm this afternoon.

However, there is one good bit of news: the Classic Mini SNES is back in stock on the official Nintendo UK store.

The link is here, where you’ll find it costs £79.99.

That’s a little more than it usually is, but before you accuse Nintendo of scalping you, it’s because it now comes with a power plug (why it never had one in the first place is a mystery only Nintendo knows the answer to).

The Classic Mini SNES was originally released in September, and features 21 built-in games – including the previously unreleased Star Fox 2.

We loved it in our review, and so did everyone else that managed to get hold of one. Unfortunately that wasn’t as many as it should be, as the thing was out of stock before it was even released.


Whether the Black Friday timing is a coincidence or not isn’t clear, but you can keep abreast of all the days other deals via our giant-sized Black Friday video games round

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