Charlie Daniels: ‘My dad was in the army and very influential on how I should act’

The Bournemouth defender on joining Juan Mata’s Common Goal charity, giving Harry Kane a lift to training at Leyton Orient and his goal of the season contender

Bournemouth’s left-back reels off a 1979 country and western hit when it is pointed out to him that even now, after a wave of publicity in the wake of becoming one of the first two Englishmen to sign up for Juan Mata’s Common Goal project, he is still not the most famous Charlie Daniels on the internet. “The Devil Went Down to Georgia,” replies Daniels with a wry smile, referencing the song that his 81-year-old namesake went to No1 with in the United States long before he was born.

Daniels has clearly done his research, although he is certainly not losing any sleep about how quickly his name appears on search engines. Easy-going, humble and modest, the former Tottenham Hotspur and Leyton Orient defender has far more important reasons for being kept awake at night, starting with the arrival of Blakely, his daughter, who was born 24 hours before her dad was trending on Twitter following the news that he had agreed to pledge at least 1% of his salary to Mata’s initiative.

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