Adding black rice to your packed salad will stop it from getting all soggy


Adding black rice to your packed salad will stop it from getting all soggy
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Meal prep takes a lot of time and effort.

There you are 9pm on a Sunday night, laboriously chopping and slicing vegetables to make sure that you’ve got a salad so delicious that come Monday lunchtime, you won’t be tempted to drop a load of cash on lunch.

And then you open your tupperwear at 1pm the next day and you’re confronted by much.

It all looks a bit disgusting and off you head to Pret to fork out another tenner on something that has way more sugar than your original healthy effort.

But there is a very simple hack to stop your salad from going soggy.

Adding black rice to your lunch.

Australian foodies Sammy & Bella say black rice soaks up all the extra juices that appear in your salad after a few hours, working as a magical sponge.

And black rice is super nutritious.

It’s high in protein, fibre, thiamin and niacin and it actually tastes pretty good too.

Now I know what you’re thinking – what the hell is black rice and is it going to set me back a fortune?

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Well, it’s nutty in flavour and is readily available at most supermarkets. You don’t have to drop a bomb at Whole Foods, you can get black Thai rice from Sainsbury’s for £2.65, or bold black rice from Holland and Barrett for £3.99.

So, no more soggy lettuce.

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