Hitman: Game Of The Year Edition adds new campaign

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Hitman: Game Of The Year Edition adds new campaign
Hitman: Game Of The Year Edition – a new campaign and more besides

Io-Interactive have announced their first new release since going independent, with a new version of Hitman that brings back all elusive targets.

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Hitman is back and so is all the online content from the first season, and more besides. Developer Io-Interactive were cut loose from Square Enix and went independent earlier in the year, at which point they vowed to continue to support the game and create new content for it.

They’ve just announced exactly that on their blog, but there doesn’t seem to be any mention of a new publisher – so we’re assuming they’re doing it all themselves.

Hitman: Game Of The Year Edition is basically a re-release of Hitman: The Complete First Season, but with additional content and all the time sensitive online features turned back on.

So that includes everything that was created for season one, including all bonus missions, challenge packs, escalation contracts, featured contracts, and all 700 challenges.

In addition to all that is a new campaign called Patient Zero, plus three new costumes of a clown suit, raven suit, and cowboy suit – each of which comes with a themed weapon and new escalation contract.

Patient Zero is a four-mission campaign that takes place in reworked version of the Bangkok, Sapienza, Colorado, and Hokkaido maps. It revolves around a plan to unleash a deadly virus and includes new artificial intelligence behaviour, challenges, and even new custom music.

The Game Of The Year Edition will be released digitally on November 7 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC for a standard $60 (so probably about £45).

However, if you already own the first season you can by a ‘GOTY Upgrade’ for $20 (probably around £15).

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But that’s not all. Anyone that already owns the first season will also get a game update on November 7 that adds a whole suite of new features, including a new interface, new contracts mode features, Xbox One X enhancements, and the reactivation of elusive target.

Elusive targets are time-limited missions that you may not have had a chance to get before, although if you have you won’t be able to play them again – whether you succeeded or not.

Hitman: Game Of The Year Edition - Io are no clowning around
Hitman: Game Of The Year Edition – Io are not clowning around

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