YouTube app for Nintendo Switch is live now


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Now available on Nintendo Switch

Now available on Nintendo Switch

The Switch has finally got its first non-gaming app, but what about Netflix, iPlayer, and all the rest?

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It may not be the most powerful console currently available but the Nintendo Switch is a pure games machine, or at least it was until last night.

Although the Wii and Wii U had plenty of non-gaming apps, its taken over a year for the Switch to get one – in the form of YouTube.

Rather than being a version of the existing mobile app its based on the one used for smart TVs, so while it does have touchscreen support its fairly limited and you cant just scroll through the thumbnails with your finger.

It does support 1080p and 60fps video though, so thats good.

Better late than never

Better late than never

The download size is 93.32MB and, of course, its completely free. All you need to do is go to the eShop, or news section, and download it from there.



Although there were rumours that the app would be added this week Nintendo themselves have never mentioned it until now and have always seemed largely disinterested in expanding the Switchs multimedia options – despite being quite happy to encourage them previously.

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You still cant get Netflix working on your Switch though and theres no real clue as to when and if it might be available. Let alone things like iPlayer and social media apps.

Theres also never been any word on a Web browser for the Switch, even though Nintendo consoles as far back as the DS have had one.

But considering how thin the Switchs line-up of first party games has been this year perhaps its best that Nintendo concentrates on the important stuff for now…

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