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Quake Champions at Quakecon

Quake Champions is currently PC only

A reader is excited by the prospect of keyboard and mouse support on the Xbox One and makes some suggestions for how it should be used.

I have a few games that Id like love to see come to the Xbox One, after the recent announcement that Microsoft is supporting keyboard and mouse Functions on the console. With the recent addition of the Xbox One X there could not be a better time to set the standard for next generation systems. Here are the 10 games Id like to see happen.

Unreal Tournament 2020, Unreal 3, and Unreal Championship 3

The original games, which were released on PC [the Unreal Championship games were console exclusives – GC], demonstrated an example of how a great game can utilise a mouse and keyboard. An example of what games should be coming to the Xbox One is the Unreal games. A new Unreal title created for the Xbox One would be the perfect way to utilise what the Xbox One can do and with the keyboard and mouse support, this would add more enjoyment and fun to the game.



As of yet, no new Unreal games have been developed for the Xbox One, but this could change as keyboard and mouse support would allow gamers the addition of using multiple devices to play these games and get better enjoyment out of them like PC users have in the past. With the use of the Unreal Engine on the Xbox One, and with possible tweaks, this would offer some great shoot em-ups for Xbox One gamers as a whole. Considering this series accomplished three world records having a new set of Unreal games on Xbox One would greatly delight players.

Quake Champions 2020, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars 2, and Quake 5

Anyone who has played Quake will tell you this is one series that needs newer games for the Xbox One. Now that keyboard and mouse support is offered the Xbox One would greatly benefit from these games, especially new releases which would then utilise the Xbox Ones capabilities.

Bethesda Softworks could easily develop a newer Quake game for the Xbox One, utilising the keyboard and mouse support. Given that Microsoft would want more games on its existing system, it would certainly give Sony a very good run for its money.

Monkey Island 3, Monkey Island 4 Special Edition, and Monkey Island 5

Although Disney Interactive own the rights to the series, fans are still asking for newer Monkey Island games and have even supported Ron Gilbert with a petition to try to convince Disney to sell the rights. With the Xbox One supporting mouse and keyboard usage this means that the market for Disney Interactive could be potentially expanded and would be profitable if they made newer Monkey Island games, including Special Editions of their previous games.



A newer game would also allow them to continue the series and allow gamers to enjoy newer titles on newer systems. Given that the series has earned the admiration of fans and non-fans this is one series that needs to return on the Xbox One and with the recent keyboard and mouse support announcement.

Do You Copy? 2, Newer indie games, and PC ports

If you go and look at how many PC games could now be ported to the Xbox One, due to it now supporting mouse and keyboard, there are very arguably a ton of games right off the bat that should be ported. Do You Copy is an indie game that shows that a lot of indie developers can now be making a lot more newer games for the Xbox One that would use the mouse and keyboard, giving gamers greater enjoyment on the Xbox One that was not thought possible without a mouse and keyboard.

Unique indie developer software

This would open doors for developers to see if they could create unique software that would normally be used with the mentioned devices on the PC. The Xbox One could benefit from some great unique software which indie developers would be more suitable to produce and create. This would encourage console gamers to think beyond having just a gaming system and to consider getting used to basic software that they could use on their console, like user-friendly operating systems and even offer exclusive apps that would not normally be available on rival systems like PlayStation 4. This would give gamers more choice and a better experience and would even fully utilise the Xbox One and Xbox One Xs potential.


By reader gaz be rotten (gamertag)

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