Pokemon GO MELTAN: New Pokemon confirmed by Pokemon Twitter – what is it? How to catch it?


Pokemon GO MELTAN: New Pokemon confirmed by Pokemon Twitter – what is it? How to catch it? (Pic: NIANTIC)

The Pokemon Company and Nintendo have formally unveiled a new Pokemon: Meltan.

The legendary Pokemon was slyly released into Pokemon Go during the Chikorita Community Day.

In a video released by the Pokemon Company, we see Professor Oak (from Pokemon Let's Go!) talking to Professor Willow (from Pokemon Go).

The two talk about the mysterious Pokemon and agree that more research is needed to determine what is going on with this strange new creature.

The Pokemon should appear in your 'Nearby' list if you want to catch it, but don't be surprised if it turns into a Ditto in the post-catch screen for now.

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"A new species of Pokémon—one that nobody has ever seen before—has been discovered!" reads a press release from The Pokemon Company.

"This Pokémon is called Meltan, and as of now, it is quite the enigma."

It seems like we're going to have to do more research in Pokemon GO (read: Field Tasks and Community events) if we want to reveal more information about the creature.

"Most of Meltans body is made from liquid metal, and its shape is very fluid. It can use its liquid arms and legs to corrode metal and absorb it into its own body," reads a description of the Pokemon.

"Meltan generates electricity using the metal it absorbs from outside sources. It uses this electricity as an energy source and also as an attack that can be fired from its eye.

"Clearly a curious Pokémon, Meltan is very expressive and shows an interest in all kinds of things."

You can catch Meltan in Pokemon Go right now, though it may appear as a Ditto at first.

We still know very little about how this Pokemon works – how it attacks, what its function in the overall world is, and how it actually works in the game are all still up in the air.

A while back, it was revealed that Pokemon Let's Go! would feature a brand new Pokemon never before seen in the games – it's likely Metlan is it.

We'll have more information for you about this creature as soon as we learn more about it.

"Many reports have come in about sightings of Ditto in Pokémon GO that have transformed into Meltan. The number of sightings has significantly decreased over the past few days, but it appears these "Meltan" are still appearing in various areas," Nintendo has revealed for now.

"Research is being conducted on these appearances of Meltan, but we have learned that Pokémon GO is somehow key to meeting this curious new Pokémon in Pokémon: Lets Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Lets Go, Eevee! Well be sure to provide updates as we discover more!"

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