Lindt has released some limited edition mint Lindor truffles

Lindt has released some limited edition mint Lindor truffles
(Picture: Getty/Lindt)

Lindor truffles are a joy.

And so, obviously we were super excited when we heard the news that a mint edition has made its way over to Tesco.

An image of the green limited edition box was shared to Facebook page Hotukdeals where it has so far received more than 2,400 likes and a whole bunch of comments from people tagging their friends.

The boxes are 200g, and will sell along the likes of milk truffles, white chocolate and orange.

Lindt has released some limited edition mint Lindor truffles
(Picture: Facebook/HotukDeals)

Generally, Tesco sells the 200g boxes for £4.89, though Lindt is currently selling the mint truffles for £4.99 – though, unsurprisingly, theyre currently out of stock on the website.

Obviously, these are going to be very popular, so if you want to get your hands on a box you should head to your local Tesco ASAP.

If you fancy going on a chocolate rampage, we also recently revealed that you can now buy large share bags of the new Malteser Buttons, which people on Twitter have been going crazy for.

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The shop I work in sells Malteser buttons 😻😻they are so bomb

— Louise 🎺 (@louiselawssss) June 21, 2018

Malteser buttons are the best thing Ive ever esten

— niamh (@niamhkemp1) June 21, 2018

Malteser buttons are whats poppin

— Shaun (@shugmchugh) June 20, 2018

I've just discovered Malteser Buttons and they're delicious. I could only find a family-sized bag, so I guess it's ok to eat the lot. Right?

— Victoria Barker (@Tor_Barker) June 20, 2018

The Malteser Buttons are shaped like Buttons and come with tiny malt balls inside.

The small packets are selling for 50p, and the larger packets £1.50.

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