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Antoine Griezmann announced he will stay at Atletico Madrid in a bizarre TV special and Twitter was not impressed


The Frenchman rejected Barcelona and pledged his future to his current club in a Spanish TV programme called 'The Decision' but it was not well received on Twitter

Antoine Griezmann has just made an extraordinary TV appearance in which he (eventually) announced he will be staying at Atletico Madrid.

The Frenchman had been heavily linked with an Β£88million move to Barcelona this summer, but he rejected the Catalans in remarkable fashion.

Griezmanns TV stunt did not sit well with a lot of football fans

Spanish TV station Movistar+ aired a documentary which followed his decision-making process throughout the season.

For 45 minutes, he described a mental struggle between adoration at Atletico and Champions League glory at Barca while everyone screamed at their TVs: JUST TELL US WHAT YOURE DOING.

Griezmann eventually announced he would be staying at Atletico

Griezmann eventually announced he would be staying at Atletico

Twitter was mightily unimpressed by the reveal, which came just hours before Griezmann and France play their first World Cup game against Australia.

Here are some of the best tweets.

Has a footballer ever done anything as self indulgent and embarrassing than this Griezmann video ?πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ Did nobody think to tell him it was a bad idea?

β€” Lynsey Hipgrave (@lynseyhipgrave1) June 14, 2018

Antoine Griezmann is the kind of guy who would propose to his girlfriend at his friend's wedding.

β€” Rβ„’ (@RealTalkMUFC) June 14, 2018

Just before he went on air, Antoine Griezmann was licking himself to see if he tasted as good as he thought he would. Taken ego to new limits.

β€” Duncan Wright (@dwright75) June 14, 2018

If you think that Griezmann nonsense is ok…just wait until it catches on and we're watching a 30 minute documentary that ends with Jason Puncheon signing a new contract with Crystal Palace.

β€” Daniel McDonnell (@McDonnellDan) June 14, 2018

How can Griezmann talk about Atleti missing something to win the Champions League when he literally missed a penalty in the final?

β€” Billy (@billyedwards94) June 14, 2018

On a serious note this Griezmann video is a disgrace. He literally had two sets of fans on strings for 45 minutes then publicly snubbed millions of them. To do that to football fans who provide him with that position of arrogance was massively misguided

β€” The United Stand (@UnitedStandMUFC) June 14, 2018

I long to be as shamelessly dramatic as Griezmann

β€” Arielle Castillo (@ariellec) June 14, 2018

Antonie Griezmann has truly embarrassed himself with this decision nonsense. Class player, but this attention seeking stunt is poor form.

β€” United Xtra (@utdxtra) June 14, 2018

I'm glad Griezmann is staying but this whole thing has been embarrassing.

β€” Kinga (@atleticorner) June 14, 2018

Griezmann got the whole world watching him on the opening day of the World Cup just to say hes staying, have to admire that level of arrogance

β€” Billie (@Billie_T) June 14, 2018

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