Northern Lights visible over UK TONIGHT due to solar storm – this is where to spot them

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MAGICAL: You might be able to glimpse the Aurora Borealis from the UK this week

Forget jetting off to the Artic Circle, stargazers will be able to spot the Northern Lights from parts of the UK this week.

Experts have reported that significant solar flare means the natural phenomenon could be seen from northern Scotland and “possibly other parts of the UK”.

The solar storm is expected in the UK on Wednesday March 14 and Thursday March 15.

This comes ahead of the the spring equinox on March 20, which marks the time when the sun crosses the equator, from south to north.

Northern Lights create beautiful sky show for thousands

The stunning Aurora Borealis, aka Northern Lights, as seen from the UK, Alaska and various other places.  The Northern Lights above the Steese Highway, Fairbanks in AlaskaCaters News Agency
The Northern Lights above the Steese Highway, Fairbanks in Alaska

According to Alistair McLean, Managing Director of The Aurora Zone: “This time of year does coincide with the equinox which is often associated with higher levels of solar activity, and the Space Weather Prediction Centre is suggesting that we might see KP5 on Wednesday 14th March.”

The large solar flare will release an explosion of electromagnetic matter called a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME).

This is significant because CMEs are known to play a part in generating wonderful Northern Lights displays.

Although the lights can sometimes be spotted from Britain, they occur much more frequently in the Aurora Zone.

Some of the best places to spot the Northern Lights include Norway, Sweden and Iceland.

November to March is the best time to visit and you have more of a chance of seeing them if you go at a time of the month when the moon is small.

Top 10 places to see the Northern Lights

Best places to see the Northern Lights: Top tips for viewing the Aurora Borealis

Seeing the Northern Lights topped Brits’ Bucket Lists, in a recent survey with 45% of people saying it was their number one travel goal.

To book a trip, or to speak to an expert, call The Aurora Zone on 01670 785012 (

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