Ex-Crystal Palace chairman Simon Jordan tells West Ham fans it is pointless blaming the London Stadium for their Premier League woes

The Hammers are firmly stuck in a Premier League relegation battle

Monday, March 12, 2018

Former Crystal Palace chairman Simon Jordan has told West Ham fans to stop blaming the stadium and divert their ire towards the team.

Tensions boiled over at the London Stadium on Saturday as fans stormed the pitch and chanted at the board of directors.

The club are firmly entrenched in a relegation battle, and the relationship between the fans and the board are toxic.

Jordan believes if they are to remain in the Premier League, they have to stop blaming the stadium.

He said on Kick Off: “West Ham fans will tell us they’ve been sold a lie because they’ve been sold a vision which isn’t manifesting itself.

“That vision at this moment in time is being amplified in disappointment terms by the nature of the team’s performance.

“They haven’t got the seats near enough to the pitch, and they haven’t got enough livery.

“Well I’m sorry – boo hoo!

“The reality of the real issue is about the performance of the side, now they should get their stewarding and their policing in order to ensure these things don’t happen on the pitch.

“But as far as being able to fix certain things, I guarantee you if they drape this bloody stadium in West Ham regalia, top-to-bottom, and their team still stank, there would still be an uprising against Sullivan and Gold.”

West Ham face Southampton at home on March 31, in a proverbial six-pointer that could have massive ramifications for both sides.

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